asked Oct 3, 2004 at 10:19pm
Hp HP LaserJet 5SI

Toner cartridge refill kits???

Has anyone used a refill kit for their laser printer? Do they work accurately or does the quality diminish? I am using a HP 5si MX. I am printing a large work order and I am trying to save some money in ink costs. I just dont want to ruin my printer while doing it.
The "drill and fill" kits you see on the web are all a big con job. is a prime example. Some of their bogus claims are truly unbelievable. There is no way you can refill a cartridge 5 times through a hole. You're lucky to get one. Read their pitiful attempt to sound like they're on your side. "Only fill the cartridge with 1/3 of the bottle in case it fails prematurely". Truth be told, 1/3 of the bottle is about how long you can expect it to last without taking it apart and cleaning it, replacing wear items like wiper blade, drum etc. They're expecting it to fail and want to come off looking good because you didn't waste 2/3 of the bottle of way overpriced toner. There is no way in he** you can "drill and fill" a high volume, high speed cartridge like the 5si and expect it to make it through an additional cycle.
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