asked Oct 16, 2000 at 11:00pm
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This thing is kicking my but. Here we go. The first problem is the toner cart. is grinding. Tried different cart. same thing. Noticed if I pull the cart. back just a bit the noise stops and it does the power on test print, only thing is that the page is totalty blank. I marked the gears on the toner cart. and sure enough it is not spinning. I tore the thing down and removed the main drive assembly cleaned it and inspected seems to be OK. The fuser gears are what I suspect but not sure. Reseated all cables and connections durring installation. One thing too is that the unit is making a high pitched sound that almost sounds like a tone generated by an alarm circuit. I don't think the Apple has anything like that but not sure. Anyway suggestions would help. Also I have the service manual for HP4,4+ I assume except for the logic and display readouts the printers are EX engines and the same?

Sorry for being so long.


The best way to troubleshoot things like this is with the covers off and the door interlocks defeated. That way you can see the gears turning. Doubtful it would be the gears in the fuser assy. That would just cause exit problems. It's going to probably be the gear drive assy. or the main motor. I can't say what the high pitch sound is without actually being at the printer. It's something like a noise in a car, you have to be there.
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Thanks Moe,
I thought about the gear thing with the fuser and came to the same conclusion since the paper actually feeds through the printer. I'm thinking the sound is the poor motor whining. I'll try another motor.

This is one of those strange ones. I've worked on printers for about six years now and usually can get past most problems. The thing I hate to do is swap out parts and risk damaging other parts without first knowing the cause of the problem. Thanks, you've given me an ideal or two to try. I'll let you know either way.

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I don't like parts changers myself. If you notice my style on the responses, it's always direct, no guessing. I troubleshoot from cause and effect. Take the input given and come up with the most probable cause. Most service people change parts till they get the right one. I'd hate to tell you how many got zeros on our tech exam. The number that actually passed is equally astonishing.
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