asked Aug 29, 2000 at 1:18pm
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LaserWriter IIg

I have an original Apple LaserWriter IIg. On power up, the power/data light blinks on and off for a minute or so doing a self test. After a while it stops, and the misfeed and no paper light blink red. When I get a status update from the chooser, it says its correcting a temperature malfunction, however, it never seems to be able to correct it. And where can I obtain a manual for this printer? Any ideas?
There is a photo on the troubleshooting page that shows how to defeat the door interlock switch. You can then watch the fuser to see if it lights up at all. If you have access to a meter, you can pull the fuser out and check the resistance (3 ohms) across the right 2 contacts. In most instances, if the light comes on at all, you're looking at a bad ac power module. The lamp in the fuser burns out about 10\% of the time. We have both ac power module and fuser available. One is on our repair kit page and one is on our specials page.
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