asked Oct 3, 2001 at 8:46am
Epson Epson Stylus Color 600

epson 760 leads ink like a sieve

i have a "fun" problem. an epson 760, 12.3 months
(< 600 pages) old started letting all the ink
out from both (new) the color and black
cartridges. After an hour of cleaning,
I put in two new ones only to have, in the first
attempt to print, all the ink in both promptly
dumped onto the bottom of the printer again. So,
in short, I just loss more money on the cartridges
then the printer is worth. With less then 600
pages printer, I realized I had the most expensive
printer on earth. Of course, it is one week after
the warranty period (nice programming on the part
of epson!).

Does anyone has this kind of fun with a printer?
Anyone has any idea if this is even worth an
attempt to fix?

does anyone know any manufacturer who still makes
a printer that can last a couple of years/a couple
of thousand of sheets?


sounds like you completely removed the label from the top of the cartidge. You need only remove the yellow portion. removing the top label exposes the ink chamber ambient air pressure which pushes the ink out through the nozzles.
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