asked Oct 3, 2001 at 8:04am
Hp HP LaserJet 5SI

HP 5si 13.xx.xx errors

I am getting 13.43.11, 13.49.11, 13.27.11, 13.17.11, 13.59.11 This printer has the 2000 sheet paper tray. The error jam cause on the error log says External Input Device Paper Jam. Does any body have an Idea on what I can replace or clean? On HP's website it seems to be pointing to the entry and exit to the Transfer assembly. is that by the fuser?


If it is indicating jams from the 2000 sheet tray, the transfer assembly they are referring to is also called the vertical transfer unit. It's the part on the outside of the printer on the right side that goes between the 2000 sheet tray and the main part of the printer. You can clean the rollers but usually that is just a temporary fix. It's best to replace the assembly. First though you should replace the 3 feed rollers in the tray 3 feeder. they are the same as those for trays 1 and 2, so you could simply swap them for troubleshooting purposes. If you look inside the feeder, You'll see them. Two are blue plastic with rubber tires and the other is black plastic with rubber tire. At the end of each roller, there is a release tab. Squeeze it and the rollers just pull off of the shaft. The Vertical transfer Unit is hinged on the side of the printer and is held on by 2 screws. Both are pretty easy to replace.
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Thanks. I will give that a try.
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