asked Sep 23, 2004 at 12:52pm
Epson Epson Stylus Color 600

epson printer fix

I'm surprised but your print head cleaner really did what it was supposed to do. It took about 3 days (off and on) but finally the clogged jets were fully clear. The only thing I did different was to leave the partially filled syringe sitting on top of the cone shaped fitting and every few hours I'd squirt about 1/10 cc of cleaner into the print head cone. Today, after printing a letter or two to clean the jets and a couple of cleaning cycles, my print was again perfect. I was about to throw the old SC 600 away. Your cleaner was really worth the money, small effort and time considering the outcome. Now if you could just fix our 93 Chevy Tracker. Joe
I dont understand the instructions on the head cleaner package.
what is a cartridge assembly?
what is the service station?
where are the sponge pads?
doesn't cleaning cycles use up a lot of ink?

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"cartridge assembly" is the carriage. The ink cartridges are in the "cartridge assembly". the "service station" is the cap assembly look here to see what that looks like

The "sponge pads" are on the cap assembly of the older model printers. By cleaning the print head you have removed the ink from the print head. Running a cleaning cycle reprimes the print head. It generally does not use lots of ink.
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