asked Sep 20, 2004 at 1:27pm
Epson Epson Stylus CX5400

epson cx5400

i am getting a fine line in a graphic. it appears on each page at the same place in this grapic. help
Deborah: When I see horizontal lines or colored lines [side to side on page] being printed across photos, its usually do to either a failing "Printhead Assembly", or a failing "Main Board Assembly", but no way to really know for sure. Generally speaking, cleaning will not usually help if it is a hardware/parts problem, that is actually causing those types of lines. The "CX5400" is a fairly new model and I have not heard of any particular problems on it. If your printer is actually new and still under its origional Factory Warranty, then there's no charge to talk to the "Epson Technical Support Department". That way you are talking directly with a technician, that is actually trained by Epson Company on your particular printer. To see available phone numbers for technical support and replacement parts ordering, go on-line to Epson @ " www.epson.com ", or call the Epson Automated Support Locator @ 1-800-442-2110 [press 1, then 1 & following prompts]. If your printer is out of warranty, you will need a credit card, before the technicians can help you, because there is a charge for technical support over the phone. If they are unable to actually help you over the phone and your printer is under warranty, then you can call the "Epson Connection", at 1-562-276-1300 and file a Warranty Claim. Epson normally offers a WHOLE UNIT EXCHANGE on most ink jet style printers that fail under warranty, but you may need to provide "Proof Of Purchase" [origional sales receipt or invoice] to complete that warranty claim...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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