asked Oct 16, 2000 at 6:01am
Canon Canon Color Bubblejet (BJC) 50

Canon LBP 8 III

I have a Canon LBP 8 III that is giving me the 50 Service error message. I know that this printer is similar to the HP III, but don't know which part is causing the problem...the quartz bulb, the fuser, or something else. Please advise me on what part I need to buy and if this is something I can fix myself. I work on computers but printers are a mystery to me. Also, is it even worth repairing? I haven't used it in more than a year, but hate to see it become landfill.
Our 50 error kit for the HPII/III should fix your problem. You can defeat the door interlock as per the pictures on the troubleshooting page and see if the fuser lights up at all. If it does, then it's definitely an ac power module problem. It's a bad power module in about 90\% of the 50 errors that we see.
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Ummm...sorry to be so dense about printers, but how do I know what the fuser looks like? I didn't see a picture of one on the site.

Thank you.

Linda G

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Found the photo; I just had to look harder. Thanks.
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I defeated the door interlock per the photo; I didn't see anything light up when I powered it on except a yellow panel light and the 50 Service error. Does this mean I need a new fuser?
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Dear sir,

I have a Canon LBP-8iii laser printer which has an intermittent service code fault which is becoming more frequent.
When it is switched on it and starts the warm-up phase it comes up with "50 service". If this does not occur the printer works fine.

Do you know the problem and solution?

Many thanks in advance
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