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My printer worked perfectly until recently it doesn't print in color anymore. It prints perfect in black, but anything that involves any colors is blank. I have cleaned the nozzles several times and it still doesn't work. I replaced the color cartridge and cleaned the nozzles again several times and it still only prints in black, no color. I have used only epson factory ink cartridges and there aren't any lights on that would show any sort of malfunction. Can any body recomend a fix for this? Thanks, Al.
Al: I wanted to let you know that I was on vacation, from 8/20 thru 8/30/04 and that was why I was not able to read or respond to your posted message, until now. I'm sorry that no one else seems to have been able to help you during the time I was on vacation, but most of us simply volunter to help out in our free time and do not actually work for "fixyourownprinter.com"...It's possible that you may even have an actual HARDWARE/PARTS PROBLEM, but normally the most common problem is clogging of the Printhead Nozzles. You might want to try using the Epson Stylus Head Cleaning Solution, available through the Home Page on "fixyourownprinter.com", at http://fixyourownprinter.com/ . When it opens, click-on Epson, under PRINTER REPAIR KITS. Then click-on "Epson Stylus Head Cleaning Solution" and that page should then open correctly. The Epson Solution sells for around $10.00 plus shipping. It includes a syringe and some Epson Printhead Cleaning Solution, which is designed to dissolve most clogs, especially if you were using Epson inks. This is the same chemical used by Epson in their service department. You can try it if you want to and see if you can get the printhead nozzles to open up again, but that will only help if they are actually clogged. It was basically designed by Epson Company for use on their older models of ink jet printers, but people have been using on the newer models, with some sucess reported. If you want to see what's involved in print head cleaning, Wes has supplied a link that might help: http://www.epsonhelp.web1000.com/printhead.html and he also suggests trying the SSC Service Utility from here: http://inkjetprinterhelp.us/epsonSSC.html . Unfortunatly, that SSC Utility does not work on all printers and on all Operating Systems and sometimes won't even work on printers that are actually listed, so you will have to check it out for yourself. If it does work for you, people have had some success using its "separate cleaning of color and black heads routine" and its "powerful cleaning mode", but be warned it uses up ink faster...There are two web-site links that may also be of some use to you: http://www.inkjetart.com/tips/cleaning/Image02.html and http://www.inkjetart.com/tips/cleaning/Image01.html ...Good Luck! Denny Conway...P.S. Check for an e-mail from me, with some additional information with that cleaning kit, in case you decide to use it.
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