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Epson Epson Stylus Photo 2000

Epson Stylus Photo 2000P

I have one of the earliest models, from December 2000. It has had very light use. I am using the most recent drivers posted by Epson: 10068 & 69, posted 10/29/01. My PC has Windows XP Pro, and this is the second PC I have had in two years while the problem has persisted. I am able to make a good first print, but attemps to make a second print bring a message that the printer's connection with the computer is faulty, or the printer is out of paper (I put in one sheet at a time, as directed.) Any suggestions?
Ron: Communication type problems are usually caused by an actual problem in the computer system [such as software, printer drivers, printer cable], rather than in the printer. Generally speaking, if you have the same problem with your printer, when its connected to two different computer systems, that would usually indicate the problem is in your printer itself. A possible exception may be if you had a failing Printer Cable and it may be a good idea to try a new one, just to eliminate that possibility. If your printer still has a problem when using a new printer cable and the same problem is happening on two different computer systems, then I would have to guess that you may have an actual Hardware/Parts Failure in your printer, but no way to really know. Its possible that the Logic Board on the Main Board Assembly may be starting to fail, but its unusual and does not happen that often. You might want to actually contact the "Epson Technical Support Department" and talk to a technician trained by Epson Company on your particular model of printer. To see available phone numbers for technical support, go on-line to Epson @ " www.epson.com ", or call the Epson Automated Support Locator @ 1-800-442-2110 [press 1, then 1 & following prompts]. If your printer is out of warranty, you will need a credit card, before the technicians can help you, because there is a charge for technical support over the phone. You can also e-mail the "Epson Technical Support Department", for possible free help or advice, at www.epson.com and then click-on "Proceed With E-Mail". They state on their web-site, that they "will respond via e-mail within 1 business day"...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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Dear Denny, You are extremely kind to respond so fully and well. I also got suggestions from Epson, basically (1)Ensure STANDARD PORT TYPES is selected, and highlight PRINTER PORT, (2)Printer properties>remove ENABLE ADVANCED PRINTING FEATURES (it was) (3)Printer porperties>ADVANCED tab>PRINT DIRECTLY TO THE PRINTER (4)Clear out the TEMP files. As we are preparing in the Bahamas for Hurricane Frances, I'll come back at you when it has passed. Kind regards, Ron
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