asked Oct 15, 2000 at 1:54pm
Nec NEC SuperScript 860

SS 860 false out of paper message

Greetings, I've got an NEC Superscript 860 laser printer that thinks it's out of paper all the time when it's not. It prints fine through the manual feed slot. I've been hunting for the paper sensor, but I can't find it! It seems obvious to me that it must be in the hopper itself since the paper doesn't extend into the printer until it's pulled from the hopper, which doesn't happen when it thinks it's out of paper. Can anyone tell me where the paper sensor is and how to get to it? I realize that parts for the NEC printers are nonexistant, but I figure if I can't fix it, I can at least disable the sensor. Thanks for your help!


I don't know if it's the same on all the models. I disabled one once on the advice of an NEC tech buddy. I tried to get a new one from him and he told me they were all junk, just jumper it out. When you take the cover off, it's just to the left of the paper feeder. Look for a small square black box with an arm on it.
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I found it finally. It's a little different than what you describe, and I foolishly disassembled the printer far enough to get the switch off in hopes of repairing it. You're friend is right, the switch itself is a cheap piece of junk. I jumped it and put it all back together and now it works again. Too bad NEC makes it so hard to get their parts. I like my lighters to be disposable, not my printers.


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This is why most of the kits on this site are primarily for Canon engined printers. Between poor parts availability and high difficulty levels in replacing them, other brands don't lend themselves to do it yourself repair. Fortunately, Canon makes over 70\% of the laser printers out there. Never buy anything because of the reviews or the price.
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