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Epson Epson Stylus Photo 1200

Epson Stylus Photo 1200

I have Epson Stylus Photo 1200
The printer is a problem, I checked the power and this total led´s is flashing, what this problem?
I hope this helps.
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Ferreira: I'm assuming that all the Lights/Leds on your printer are flashing. IF THATS TRUE, THEN: A Service Error where all LED's/Lights are blinking at the same time, is normally a Maintenance Request Error. The maintenance request error is actually a Waste Ink Ink Pad Error and normally your remedy is to replace the Waste Ink Pad/Pads with a new one/ones and then reset the Internal Waste Ink Pad Counter. If you just reset the counter and don't replace the pads, then your printers old pads will eventually overflow and normally start leaking ink out the bottom of your printer. Some people actually wash the ink out of the old pads, by holding them under running cold water, then dry them out and simply reinstall them back into their printer. The choice on what to actually do, is yours to make. I would at least recommend getting that Waste Ink Counter reset procedure and performing it first, to make sure your printer will then work...THIS ADDITIONAL INFO POSTED BY "WES", MIGHT ALSO BE OF SOME HELP: Wes 12/07/2003 13:57:30 To see what's involved in servicing the waste ink pads try this http://www.epsonhelp.web1000.com/wip.html [OR] Tim H 12/10/2003 2:46:24 Subject: Epson Reset Program Download Location. after a long search for a reset program for waste ink, without paying, i found it. goto: http://inkjetprinterhelp.us/sscserve.exe . please check that your printer is compatible goto: http://inkjetprinterhelp.us/epsonSSC.html . this program has other features as well...TECH NOTE: Unfortunatly, that "SSC Service Utility" does not work on all Epson Printers and not on all Operating Systems and sometimes will not even work on actually listed printer models, so you will have to check it out for yourself. If it does not work for you, then all you can really do is try a different solution. You will have to check on your particular Epson Printer Model and your Operating System, but there is another free reset program, that you may be able to actually use. I have no way of knowing if it will actually work on your printer, but its available from www.resetters.com . I have never tried that source myself, but it was recommended by "WES", off this Printer Repair Site. Just in case that source does not work: You may actually need to go on-line to try and locate a "SERVICE MANUAL" or a "RESET PROCEDURE", to buy and download for reference in disassembly, troubleshooting and servicing. I have not checked, but you can normally find Service Manuals and or Service Adjustment Programs/Resets for most Epson Printers, from 2manuals.com, at http://www.2manuals.com/index.php?cPath=2_18 (most Service Manuals can usually be downloaded for around $10 /- )...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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