asked Oct 15, 2000 at 9:55am
Unknown Printer

Stylewriter 2400

I am getting a Waste collector full prompt. How can I empty it or whatever? Thanks
There's a sponge that lies on the whole bottom of the printer. Usually that message is a false one, as the sponge is pretty big and it would take a lot of ink to fill it. I know the reset procedure for the Canon printers that the 2400 is based on, but don't know it for the Apple version.
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According to Apple's service manual for the Stylewriter 2400, what you need to do is reset the EEPROM. I've never tried it before (don't have a Stylewriter 2400) so good luck!


1. This procedure requires that the black-only catridge be installed. The procedure will not work with the four-color cartridge.

2. Disconnect the power cord from the printer.

3. Make sure the high performance black ink cartridge is installed and the power cord is plugged into the wall.

4. Open the front door.

5. Press and hold down the power button while connecting the power cord to the printer, then release the power button.

6. Press the power button again, and close the front door.

7. A pattern page now prints and the EEPROM data is reset. The last bar on the pattern will be white, which shows that the data has been reset.

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Thanks a lot. I did that and it worked! Marty
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