asked Aug 5, 2004 at 7:44am
Epson Epson Stylus CX5400

Epson cx5400 making tracks on photos

I have been basically satisfied with my printer's photo capabilities to this point, with the exception of several small things usually remedied by fiddling with my color setup in elements. Prints great on anything as long as you experiment until you find the right settings. Takes time, but I can live with it. But just recently, after going through the whole printing process, I see a series of little tracks in the print made by, apparently, the little wheels which advance the paper on its way. Most noticeable in the darkest areas of the picture, or course. I never noticed this happening so much before when it did occur a little here and there. I have varied papers, but to no avail. I have even tried printing with the thickness switch under the lid in the envelope position, but same thing. Changing the paper type on the printer's menu does nothing either. I use all dura brite inks exclusively, but not dura brite paper which is way too expensive for the amount I use. Real slow dry time too.

Joe: There's no way for me to actually know whats wrong with your printer, but its possible that your problem is being caused by a build-up of dust, dirt, lint and hair that sticks to the wet ink on the bottom side and backside areas of the Printhead Assembly. That build-up acts like a small paint brush and transfers wet ink to those small white or grey relay type rollers, that the paper passes under, just prior to going under the Print Head Assembly, during the actual printing process. Those small rollers then act like tiny paint rollers and roll the wet ink onto the paper as it passes by. Once those two areas are thoughly cleaned and then the small rollers are also cleaned, the problem will normally go away. Check for a couple of e-mails from me that should help in that area, in case you want to do the cleaning and at least eliminate that possibility...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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