asked Aug 4, 2004 at 11:02am
Hp HP DeskJet Plus

hp v40 all-in-one

Have had above unit for over a year (no warranty)...suddenly lost several functions, including fax send and receive. 'Off hook' message appears on front panel. The printer/copier/scanner are OK. PC is surge-protected and on a dedicated phone line, but V40 is plugged in separate to use as stand-alone when PC is off.

Using OS Windows XP, and have downloaded all updates and drivers.

? Will HP downloads (below) conflict w/these XP drivers?

Also updated/downloaded from HP, plus diagnostics and testing. Checked all online instructions re phone hook-up, USB, etc. HP support advised to hold # and 6 while plugging in unit. Website indicates problem could be line interface unit, but do not provide info on how to remove/replace for this model. They advise unit should be serviced by their providers.

? Can someone advise how to determine if LIU is not operating and how to remove/replace?

We have had severe weather here in Chicago, and have lost several other electronics (satellite receiver w/no phone hook up attached) and cordless phone (connected to main phone line, separate from dedicated PC phone line).

? Could V40 power cord w/transformer need replacing?

Knowledge and expertise are limited (as you can probably tell)...just trying to bumble through and save $$ on service call/replacement. Any advice/suggestions would be appreciated.