asked Oct 13, 2000 at 8:29am
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HP Laserjet IIIP useful life

Hello all,

I picked up a Laserjet IIIP at a thrift store for $20USD the other day. It seemed to print a test page fine at the store and I was able to install it on my home network, printed windows setup pages from all 4 computers just fine. After about 45 minutes I started getting error 52. I see I can get a kit here to fix this problem. What I would like to know is this: This printer has a little over 30,000 pages printed through it. Is it worth it to fix the scanner motor problem or should I junk it? What is the usable life of this printer?


There really isn't any useable life figure. Everything on the printer is replaceable. I see HP printers all the time with hundreds of thousands of pages on them. Once saw one with 999,999 pages on it. The older ones stop counting at that figure. You got a good price on it and another $49 would still make it a good price.
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Thank you, I will be ordering a kit next week.


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