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Epson Epson Stylus Photo 1200

Epson 1200 problem

I am attempting to repair an Epson Stylus Photo 1200 which has been used very little but has developed horizontal Cyan lines. Although I have a lot of experience at computer repairs this is my first attempt at repairing a printer. My investigations have indicated that the printing heads need to be replaced. But, when I ordered new heads the included adjustment program CD indicated that I start by entering the DOS command "SP751200" to which my computer responds "bad command or file name". My computer refuses to accept the DOS command as given. Also I was instructed to connect the printer through the parallel port. Niether of these attempts was successful; the computer would not accept the DOS command and the parallel hookup only produced "gibberish"

I have tried to get assistance from several sources without successful results as follows:
1. Altered Dos command from "C:\\windows" to "C:\\sp751200" .

2. Instead of entering DOS by rebooting in Dos enter through "Program Files MSDOS"

3. Reinstall printer drivers.

4. Try replacing parallel cable with a new one.

5. Put "SP751200.exe" adjustment program on floppy disk to see if the computer will accept DOS command from "A" drive.

While the printer functions OK from the USB port (except for random horizontal Cyan lines) None of the above has helped the DOS command situation. Can anyone of the Forum make further suggestion as to how I should proceed? I understand that I must open the DOS program in order to be able to install and calibrate the new heads.
You should check your bios setup, verifying that the current setup for the parallel port is "Spp" or "Normal".
If this doesn't work, try a different parallel cable.
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Thank you to the people who sent help; the cable works fine and resetting the BIOS did help some.

I found a partual solution to my problem. I found that the path name setting for Win 98 on my computer is "Device=C:\\WINDOWS\\COMMAND\\ansi.sys". But, I still cannot get the adjustment program to engage at restart in DOS. Dose anyone know the DOS command to get the adjustment program to start. Thank You Matt Kirkpatrick
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It's Nicolas from France. So apologize my poor english!
I'm looking for Adjustment program SP751200.exe.
Is it possible for you to send me it via email ?
It will be very very kind of you !
Thank you in advance for your reply.
Best regards,
Nicolas Husson
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