asked Jul 29, 2004 at 11:07pm
Lexmark Lexmark Forms Printer 2400

Lexmark all-in-one X1150

When I try to get my all-in-one to do anything from the Lexmark home page it says I have damaged or missing files! How would that happen? It won't let me access any thing. But, if I go into the "Start" (Dell 2400; Windows XP),"all programs", and click on Lexmark All-IN-One, I can get into the home page and get the stupid machine to work! It won't work any other way except thru my Works program ,also. It used to work fine by clicking on the regular Lexmark all-in-one on the Start menu. I have tried removing the Lexmark program and re-loading it 6 times, but no luck. I called a Lexmark tech guy who hardly spoke English. He was no help.
Also, about the second time I removed my ink cart. to re-fill,(I know Lexmard dosen't want you to re-fill. They want you to buy new, expensive cartridges! Too bad! Re-filling is cheaper and gets easier and less messy each time!), the stupid little green plastic tabs broke off that keep the lids to each ink cart. down! Thank God for duct tape! Is there a replacement for the lids?