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Epson Epson Stylus Photo 1200

Epson 1200 Error message

If I hook up my Epson photo 1200 via a LPT1 printer port and try to use the Epson Adjustment program or just print the printer starts printing what I take to be an error message that is "@EJL".
It prints this down the leading edge of the paper it prints this message twice skips a line the dose it over and over until I abourt the print job.
Matt: That sounds like an actual communication type of problem or failure, rather than an actual problem in the printer itself. When a printer prints "jibberish" [random symbols and characters], or has communication problems, its usually caused by: #1 a bad parallel printer cable [old cable/poor quality cable: not bi-directional printer cable, or not IEEE-1284 rated cable. Inexpensive parallel cables are not usually shielded enough and are not always bi-directional]. TECH NOTE: If you are using a USB CABLE, you will usually you have less communication problems caused by a bad or corrupted USB cable, but its possible. #2 bad/corrupted printer drivers: printer drivers are usually available online from EPSON at no charge; remove/delete your old printer and its drivers and then go online and download the newest drivers available for your printer. If you use your old CD that came with your printer, then your not getting the latest changes/updates available free from Epson. As Printer Drivers are free from Epson Company, I suggest that you do them first. If new drivers do not help, then you can always buy a new Printer Cable to try...Occasionally its not the drivers or the cable causing communication type problems: #3 It's possible that the actual SOFTWARE you are using to do a print job from, may be causing problems [Word, Office, Excel, etc]. You can try using a different software to print from and see if your problem goes away. If it does, then you may need to have your software removed and reinstalled. It's possible that something may have corrupted it and is causing problems. #4 Its possible that internal settings on your PC may be not set correctly, but that would normally require a PC trained person to check your system and make changes [BIOS settings]. #5 Its also possible that a VIRUS can cause problems with printers. Even if you have a virus protection program installed on your PC, it has to be updated regularly to protect against possible new, or modified virus'. #6 If new drivers [free] & a new good quality printer cable [fairly inexpensive], do not cure your problem, then its probably time to have your PC/System checked for possible problems. The other thing you can try is to actually connect your printer to a different PC/System, then load the correct DRIVERS and connect your printer cable and run some print jobs. If your printer, cable and drivers work ok on a different PC/System, then you pretty much know the problem is normally in your PC/System. #7 Sometimes the Logic Board, built onto/into the printers "Main PCB/Board", just goes bad, but not very often. As a new PCB costs quite a bit, its better to put that money into a new printer, as the prices have come down so much in the last couple of years...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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I actually have the same problem with my EPSON Stylus Color 880. I went through all of the things Denny has mentioned, but to no avail. EPSON support on this issue has been non-helpful, to say the least. I think they want me to call in so I could pay them $10 for their support. Anyway, I also thought I have a problem with my printer cable, but with USB it gave me same grief, as well. Tried different computer, different driver (from Epson website), different Windows help at all. If anyone knows any other options, please let me know. Otherwise...I am throwing it away:).
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Almir: If you tried your printer on a different Computer System, using a new or different Printer Cable and new Printer Drivers downloaded from Epson and you still have the same problem, then I would have to say that the problem is actually in the printer itself. That would usually indicate an actual Hardware/Parts Failure, such as a bad or failing "Main Board Assembly" and it would be cheaper to buy a new printer than repair your old one...AT THIS POINT: About the only thing you could try is to perform a MASTER RESET to return your printer to its Factory Default Settings and see if that helps. A Master Reset normally should not be normally performed, because it requires you to install new ink cartridges. If running that Master Reset actually corrected your printers problem, Remember to install new Epson Ink Cartridges, or you will normally have additional problems later. WHAT HAPPENS: A Master Reset resets the "Internal Ink Counter" to zero, resets you Ink Level Indicators to full and turns off any Red Ink Error Lights that may have been on. Your printer will always assume that you have installed two new ink cartridges and if you don't, you will normally run out of ink and the printer will not even know it. Air can then get into the printhead nozzles causing them to dry out and that normally results in clogging. Remember that if either one of those previously installed cartridges are not actually full, you may be facing other problems later. EXAMPLE: Lets say that your cartridges were only 3/4 full and you performed a Master Reset Procedure. Your Printer now thinks those cartridges are full. After you use up 3/4 of the ink in those cartridges, they will run dry. Your printer will still think there is 1/4 of the ink remaining in those cartridges, so the Ink Error Light will not come on. The printheads then dry out from the air that gets into them and that usually results in clogging...Because I have seen that Master Reset listed on this Printer Repair Site previously, I can tell you how to try it, but I don't know if it will work on your particular model. With the power off, hold down both the Load/Eject Paper Button and the Ink Cleaning Button and turn the power back on. Let go of the power button, but continue to hold-in on the other two buttons, for a full 5 seconds. After 5 seconds, release the other two buttons and then immediatly re-press the Load/Eject Paper Button in again and hold for just 1 second and then let it go. This will run the Master Reset Procedure on most older Epson Printers here in the USA, which should set the printer back to Factory Defaults. I hope it works on your printer and actually corrects its problem, but if not then you at least know its probably time to buy a new printer...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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Thanks a lot Denny. I shall try that. Even if it doesn't work...I appreciate your time and effort.
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Almir: You are welcome and I hope it actually helps...Denny Conway
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Thank you Denny your answer to Almic helped with my printer problems.
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I am trying to install a epson photo 870 and have the same problems. All it prints is EJL EJL EJL EJL one below the other. I tried downloading drivers off the web and uninstalled and reinstalled software, tried another parallel cable. No luck. I am very upset with this finicky piece of garbage. I dare someone from Epson to solve this.

Bill DiCarlo Madison, NJ
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Try configuring the parallel port as "Spp" or "Normal" in the bios setup of your PC.
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