asked Oct 12, 2000 at 9:21pm
Hp HP LaserJet 2

HP LaserJet IID #2

Also, exactly where is the additional memory card so I can find to reseat before I purchase new memory. thks
It's on a board. Turn power off before you reseat it. The board is under a metal plate held in by one screw on the lower left of the printer. Unfortunately, we ran out of memory. It's still posted on the specials page, but I have no control over that.
by moe on Oct 13, 2000 at 8:49am Add comment
Do you have memory for HPII D..4 Mg?Do you have a postscript cartidge for it.I have an HPII (no D) w 4 Mg and postscript cartridge working. But when I swap 4 mg memory into HPIID it recognizes the memory but not the Cartridge. I assume HPIID wants a different model postrcript cartidge)Bob
by unknown on Apr 20, 2001 at 3:58am Add comment
We've got a few postscript cartridges. Some Pacific Data and one or two HPs. Got lots of memory also. I wasn't aware that the IIDs had different Postscript requirements. The III postscript would probably work.
by moe on Apr 20, 2001 at 8:29am Add comment