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Cleaning Epson 2200

Are the Epson pigment printers (2000, 2200) any more or less prone to ink blockage because they use pigments instead of dyes?

It is a good idea to remove the carts, seal them, and clean the nozzles if no usage is expected for several months?

I wonder if the cleaning kits for Epsons offered on this site apply the 2200. I'm concerned that the inks might have a different ink formulation. If they're OK, you might state that specifically.

Dane...JUST TO LET YOU KNOW: I doubt that "fixyourownprinter.com" will accually update the product description on their Printhead Cleaning Solution [kit], because those Epson Fluids were designed by Epson Company, to be used in their older models of ink jet style printers and not for the newer models. However, people are actually still using that solution on the newer models and I have not heard of any problems with it. I do not work for fixyourownprinter.com, but I do work for an Epson Authorized Service Dealer...Denny Conway
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Pigment inks don't affect the reliability, but it would be dangerous the use of generic ink (often dye-based) in those printers.
Cartridges must be left in the printer also when unused, since they seal ink conduits preventing clogs. Using specifically designed initialization fluids in virgin cartridges could restore out-of-factory conditions, but such a solution would have an high cost.
The cleaning solutions kits for Epson c64/c70/c80/c82/c84 should work perfectly in the 2X00 since they share the same ink formulation.
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Thanks for the help.

I suggest they update the product description stating that the solutions work with the 2x00 printers to allay reservations such as mine.
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Could this be the same as this problem:
I have been trying to clean the heads since my print outs have been coming out with white lines across the page.
The nozzle check pattern never would print with all lines solid. Of course in the process of cleaning I ran out of Cyan ink, I replaced the cartridge and did another nozzle check and the Cyan nozzle check pattern didn't print at all.
More cleaning and more of the same, however each time I put in a new ink cartridge that color stopped printing. I am now down to only 3 colors that are working (printing on nozzle check.
So is cleaning with the Epson kit just what this printer needs or do I send it back to Epson?
by Frank photo man on Jul 12, 2005 at 9:27am Add comment
Hi there,
This isn't a clogging issue. Sounds like a pump fault - there's a pump to get a continuous flow of ink from the cartridge to the head - unlike most inkjets which have piezo heads integrated into the cartridges. If each time you replace a cartridge you cannot print from that colour, a proper vacuum isn't being established and the piezo transducers are just firing air. Could be the pump is faulty, or clogged, or a pipe is damaged perhaps?

In all honesty I've not actually dismantled my epson yet so I can't advise you what to visually look for. I doubt the pump is actually broken though, as I don't think it gets any use except when replacing cartridges. Could be that a dismantle, clean, and reassemble would cure it. As far as I remember though, Epson sells replacement pumps for around $200, but don't quote me on that. You could send the printer to them for a service for less money probably.

Dan - Anonymous
I have an Epson 2200 which finally stopped printing anything altogether. I got the cleaning solution and followed the instructions. Three nozzles now work. I want to do the next step, which is to put the fluid through the nozzle from the catridge side, but the directions don't line up with my printer. There is an "inverted cone" but there is a little tube sticking out of each cone making it impossible for me to stick the syringe in and create anything close to a seal. When I put the syringe on top of the tube and press, the liquid floods out and up from the cone, placing little pressure on the clog, I would imagine. I'm going to leave the fluid sitting there for several hours and see what happens
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I kind of had the same problem but when I got a bright light in there and got the syringe directly on top of that tube sticking up, careful to be straight up and not at any angle, it sat on there just fine. With a little pressure the cleaning fluid flowed through fine and in fact came through on the paper towel underneath.
But that still hasn't fixed it there is still a scattered print nozzle check pattern.
I put extra fluid in the rest tray where the print head rests and forgot about it for 2 days and it's better. Then I noticed that all the ink are out of date according to the Epson diagnostic where it checks ink types under the maintanence tab.
So I'm waiting for all new inks and will replace them all and then try the whole process again.
I'm thinking there could be dried particles in each of the cartriges that is causing a major problem. It has been very hot here in Philly and that could be another contributing factor.
Who the hell knows?
by Frank photo man on Jul 29, 2005 at 12:06pm Add comment
I have the very same problem as Frank photo man up above, any suggestions anyone. - I put a new light cyan in and it worked for a couple of days, then - bang - nothing from the light cyan, and the matte black has gaps in the nozzle check.


- imagezen
Normally there is no little tube sticking out of the ink nipples.
by unknown on Jul 29, 2005 at 1:10pm Add comment
You're saying there are no small tubes sticking up out of the print head assembly after you remove the cartridge on the 2200?
by Frank photo man on Jul 29, 2005 at 1:19pm Add comment
From your original description "There is an "inverted cone" but there is a little tube sticking out of each cone making it impossible for me to stick the syringe in and create anything close to a seal."

The above implies that there are two pieces, an "inverted cone" and a small tube. I interpreted the "inverted cone" to be the ink nipple and the small tube as an extraneous part.
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there are little tubes sticking out of each one! Someone who has a 2200- could you take out the one of the ink cartridges and tell me if there is a tube sticking up?
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There are tubes in mine and the syringe fits nicely onto them so you can do a little squirting. Careful to feed some either coffee filters or papaer towels through the paper feeder and under the print carriage when you do the squirting (put it on envelope or roll paper setting to do this)
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It appears that we have a problem with terminology. What is the "inverted cone" and "little tubes" you are describing? Have a look at this web page http://members.shaw.ca/hargravep/head.htm Scroll down until you see the picture titled "spigots". The part with the holes is what I refer to as the ink nipple.
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Well, it appears that the ink nipple is the tube, and the inverted cone was an illusion, probably actually a cone filled with glue that holds the ink nipple in. I squirted the cleaning fluid directly into the nipple (you have to push hard to get a good seal) and waited overnight and - voila - the printer works again. Praises be to fixyourownprinter.com. For $12 I saved myself a big repair bill!!!!
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What is the part number of cleaner that you ordered. I need the same. Also did you have a diagram to see what the print heads looked like and the best way to get to them?

Bob - amerifax
This is just crazy... I purchased an Epson 2100 of a guy that was fed up with clogging. He sold it for $130(!) He had had it in for service, but was told that the printer head had to be replaced. Well, I took the chance and bought the printer and at the same time, I ordered the cleaning kit from you guys (I found your site after doing some googling). A printing pattern indicated that two of the cartrigdes (well, not the cartrigde but the cone-shaped thing underneath the cartridge) were completely blocked. There was a lot of yellow ink around the yellow cone indicating that it was blocked. The other one that was blocked was the light black cone. So I pushed through some solution (by applying the syringe on the cone - couldn't actually get it to fit on the cone, but I put some pressure on it and depressed the plunger slowly) and in no time, it came through on the paper that I had carefully fed through the paper feeder from the front side (i.e. clog dissolved!). I then ran 3 head cleaning cycles and did a nozzle check, and guess what?!?! the pattern was *PERFECT*. I just laughed out loud. I couldn't believe it. Well, I still can't. I guess I should do some more printing before I celebrate my best purchase ever! :)

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Sorry, I just don't believe this talk about that "solution". I use alcohol from RiteAid (70\% Isopropys Rubbing Alcohol) - get it at Longs or your favorite corner drug store - and this disolves ink flawlessly.

So... anybody had bad experience with Alcohol yet? Anybody dared to try?

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I own two Epsons using water-based DTG ink, and so far I've only used alcohol on non-porous surfaces like ABS and metal. My suspicion is that rubbing alcohol does well for those, but it might dry up rubber parts and make them crack and wear prematurely. I've also taken apart a couple of their printheads (yes, the non-user-serviceable part) and there is no rubber inside as far as I can see, so keep going with that rubbing alcohol;) - unknown
I wrote an email praising this fluid. Sure it works, but the thing is, I actually had a broken pressure hose which was keeping the self-cleaning function from working properly. It's now my feeling that self-cleaning should work unless the thing has been in storage forever. All in all I had to pay.

The fluid I ordered, by the way, is NOT alcohol or anything like it. I think the cleaner is more of a water based sort of thing.

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Oops! Specifically, I was answering Frank photo man's post about inks failing completely (I hit the reply button on his post, expecting it to get inserted there, not at the end! My first time here.)

Oh. In fact, never mind! I was replying to an out of date cached version of the page!! Well, maybe it will apply to someone, some day...

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My epson 2200 printer has not been used for over 6 months. I used the head cleaning. I ran the Nozzle check. Only 4 colors show up. How can I fix it? Sould I try to inject warm water into the printer nozzles? Please HelP. mikmik
by mikmik on Sep 4, 2006 at 11:21am Add comment
I am having trouble picking up trash from the rollers as the picture prints out, Does anyone have any suggestion of what is the best way to clean the rollers
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Ok, so my 2200 hasn't been used for about 2 years.. but I managed to get all of them clean except for the photo black (the first one). Just cleaning the pad worked for most of them. So then I ordered the special solution and I've been trying the syringe method, but it just spills around the "nipple" - Am I not pushing it down hard enough? Or is it THAT clogged? Thanks for any advice... Chrissy
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Get some 1/4 inch plastic tubing at the hardware store; this will fit around the nipple that the ink cartridge normally feeds into. I don't know which syringe you are using, but the one I use fits the same 1/4 inch plastic tubing, so I get an excellent seal. - unknown
Finally took it into a repair place that worked on Epsons, they could have fixed it and charged me $300 or send it back to Epson for the full cost of $125 plus postage.
Repair place said it wasn't clogged jets at all, but a faulty pump mechanism. However the part was on back order from Epson, but by sending it to Epson it forced them to fix it first before sending out a part.
Does that make sense?
Epson fixes what comes into their repair department first. So it wasn't likely they'd send out parts that they would need themselves hence the backorder to outsiders.
Luckily the repair place in Pennsylvania where I lived was up front about the whole thing and told me my best bet was to ship it to Epson (they did it for me). Good people.
Only took about a week and a half if I remember.
Sorry to say, I don't know how they figured it was the pump and not the jets. In any case Epson replaced the pump and cleaned the jets.
No problems since.
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I've been using the external Lyson ink bottles with my 2200 for several years, and though it's a little finicky, I've had excellent results. It's far, far cheaper than replacing cartridges all the time. On a few occasions when I didn't make prints often enough, the heads clogged up and I had to fiddle around to restore the flow. Now after a summer of no printing, the magenta head isn't printing at all, but the others are fine.

The cartridge (after some cleaning), feeds ink out of the bottom OK, but it doesn't get through the head onto the paper. I feel certain that it's full of dried ink, but I don't want to blow something out by forcing a cleaning solution into the head. Also, I don't see how I can send it to Epson with no cartridges in it without drying out all the heads. Suggestion?
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Thank you. I didn't expect such a rapid answer! - unknown
While I'm at it, I should probably clean the waste ink tray and whatever else presents itself from underneath the 2200. Instructions for removing the bottom cover and exposing the heads?
by unknown on Oct 28, 2008 at 1:53pm Add comment
The tubing is the way to go...however my magenta head is still clogged!
by unknown on Dec 11, 2008 at 2:07pm Add comment
It took almost two weeks to get it perfect, but using windex, a syringe, and eighth-inch tubing, I finally got the dry magenta head clean. I must have run the cleaning cycle 20 times (over 5 sessions) and wasted a lot of ink, but I started with no magenta spray at all, then went to about 20 clogged holes, then 10, then 6, 4, and finally one stubborn clog.
Between sessions I'd squirt windex on the parking pad, turn the printer off, and let it sit for several days. When I came back there'd generally be no improvement until I ran the cleaning cycle a few times.
Early on I repeatedly draped a coffee filter strip soaked in windex over the rubber head cleaning pad (which itself had a lot of crud on it) and manually ran the heads over it to make sure they didn't have dried ink on them.
Since I was already using the external Lyson ink bottles, there was no question of voiding any Epson warranty, and I'm convinced that original-recipe windex didn't hurt anything. I did try not to use much pressure on the syringe for fear of blowing out something in the print head, but I used both sucking (tiny bubbles into the syringe) and squirting action.
After quite a few hours of fooling around and swearing, I now get a perfect print pattern. Ahhh!
Now for the waste ink tray...
by unknown on Dec 11, 2008 at 10:21pm Add comment
"rubber head cleaning pad"
is this just to the left of the sponge?
I cleaned this....looked like hard plastic...used cu-tips.

I've been keeping the parking pad soaked......I just have ONE [email protected]##\%^^ nozzle on the magenta that still isn't clear. All my cleanings.....( i must be up to 5 cycles x 3 printed automated cleanings) I've let sit overnight.

I know just tried gentle push pull on the syringe....and perhaps I will let it sit the weekend.....

Otherwise The excellent sale at BHPHOTO on the 2880 is starting to call my name.......
by unknown on Dec 12, 2008 at 9:23am Add comment
Yes, I think we're talking about the same part, to the left of the sponge (which isn't all that spongy when you touch it). My head-cleaning flap was really two flaps side by side, and wasn't all that hard, sort of like a windshield wiper blade. I feared Q-tips because of the possibility of stray fibers. Don't worry too much. If all but one nozzle cleared up, I'm guessing the one will follow. Time seems to be a big part of the process. I was gone for a week (letting the head soak in its dock) before I came back and got the last nozzle clear, but it was a triumphant moment. Actually, I don't even know if the extra windex I squirted onto the "sponge" did anything. Injecting windex into the head, replacing the cartridge, and waiting 2 or 3 days might be best. It takes a while to dissolve the clog.
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Why was this thing so expensive yet we have to spend hours getting it to work - what a pile of trash ; this printer!
by fameland on May 9, 2009 at 8:21pm Add comment
The sponges on my Epson are loaded with ink to the point that it is making a mess. Is there some way to replace these or clean them?
by unknown on Sep 9, 2009 at 3:10pm Add comment

this will help you out...with the dismantling.

the pads are at the bottom. you will need to download a program to reset you epson ink jet cycle cleaner counter... which counts how many times you have cleaned the heads, hence how many times the ink pads have used or how much ink they have soaked... - gocalifornia
I think regular use is the key to keeping ink flowing, but so far I've been successful at restoring flow when I've let the printer sit too long. If I were using the disposable cartridges, I'd be pissed. The external bottles from Lyson are the only way to go, but if you let the unit sit, you'll end up fiddling with windex, tubes, and syringes. It's messy but straightforward. Soaking the parking pad in windex (with a syringe) and letting it sit for a day seems to do a lot. I'd be happy to answer any questions about using the Lyson system as I think I've done about everything anyone possibly could by way of messing with it.
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wow! that's an exceptionally well done set of instructions from pavel. thanks. so far, I don't see any tremendous ink buildup, just a black pad below the cartridges, but if I do I'll try this fix. I've gone through three or four half-pint bottles of each color so far. If there's a lot of waste I don't know where it's all going.
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I am getting a thin magenta line at the very ends of my image, in an otherwise perfect print. the line appears approx 1cm from the end of the image, though it varies. I am puzzled as to why this is happening and what I can do to stop it happening. In the past I have used the inbuilt cleaning functions with success but this is proving to be stubborn.

Any advice would be welcome. Thank you very much.

by Anonymous on Apr 6, 2010 at 12:09pm Add comment
This is a classic sign of printhead failure. It will only get worse unless the printhead is replaced.
Hope this helps.
by unknown on Apr 9, 2010 at 4:33pm Add comment
I got a 2200 for $85 at an estate sale, it has been sitting for about 2.5 years. upon doing some head checks and cleanings i notice the yellow, dark magenta and dark blue are all not printing. now that ive read this i think im having the same clogging problem. im so glad for google... im going to give this a shot and see how it works out. i found a site that had some good ideas:
"You can also take an old, inkjet cartridge and drill a hole in it, clean it out with the ammonia, fill it back up with ammonia and seal the hole. Put the improvised cleaning back in place and then run a few cleaning cycles or a long print routine. Then replace with regular cartridge to see if any progress has been made. Be warned that this could get messy, so have paper towels nearby."

thanks guys!
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Hi All
please help I have just bought a 2100 prints well but when printing gloss photos the eject rollers seem to take the ink off leaving tramlines down the paper
how do I clean these rollers or remove them
by unknown on Mar 13, 2011 at 8:52am Add comment
The ink in my 2100 needs paper specifically designed to dry quickly, particularly with glossy paper. The paper package should specify that it works with fast-drying pigment inks. Choices are pretty limited, but the results are excellent--when everything's working.

I've used a flat, foam-tipped swab on the rollers to keep from getting crap caught when you spin the rollers. Alcohol and Windex have worked, with no ill effect, but there are more informed users out there than I.

Good luck. - unknown
I have been trying this and the only color that still wont print is the dark magenta. Has anyone else found one color to be more of a pain?

by unknown on Mar 15, 2011 at 7:02am Add comment
got all but the yellow to unclog ... still working on that - unknown
The "cones", or nipples as I call them, don't have the exact size of the tubes. They're slightly larger. So I cut 7 small tube sections, about an inch long, and added some tie-wrap pieces a short distance from the attach-to-the-nipple end (~1/8"). These were twisted to tighten the end fit to seal better on the nipples. That worked fine. Then I added some cleaning fluid into the tubes and let that sit overnight (2 nites, actually) Together with adding more juice on the Parking pad and doing the shut-down which applies it to the heads, my heads are almost cleared (Yel and Blk still not right) Oh, the eyedropper was helpful to force fluid through the heads on a few testing moments(had power off). The fluid went onto some toweling strips put under the heads.
Still learning about all this, but thought this might help some.
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Rich, you inspire me. I got down to two yellow jets not working and gave up months ago. I still might hand off my 2200 to someone who's willing to use cartridges or spend some time and money fixing it. There are probably several clogged jets now, but the yellow was always stubborn. I've seen no ill effects from using windex (and I've done it many times) and a syringe with tubing, but your multiple tube solution is worth a try. If it's not perfect it's not worth it, though. Magenta and yellow have been the worst offenders.
My second biggest gripe is that with a mac I never found a driver that worked with OSX properly, which is a royal pain. Later drivers were less functional for me.
by unknown on Jan 16, 2012 at 6:27pm Add comment