asked Jul 20, 2004 at 7:56am
Hp HP Color Copier 150

Noisy duplexer

I have a client using an HP 4100 with duplexer. They have just decided that they are going to begin doing in-house mailings of 15,000 per month on legal paper printed on both sides. The duplexer seems to be working fine, but it makes a noise that sounds like it is about to crunch something up. Is it OK to use?

I looked up that the printer is rated at 150,000 copies per month; but this mailing (which I guess would equate to 30,000 copies) will be printed over just about 3 days.

Do we have enough printer? We also have a Lexmark T630 with duplexer on property.

Any opinions will be appreciated. Thanks.

Wayne Smith
The duplexers on this model are notoriously noisy, but that is normal so you should be fine unless its very loud. Allow for a reasonable amount of grumbling from it. The 4100's should be able to crunch out that without problem, the biggest issue I've seen with 4100s, (I'm assuming this is a 4100mfp), is the seperation pad in the ADF. Otherwise they are a sturdy model. Lexmark's on the other hand....
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