asked Jul 16, 2004 at 10:52am
Apple Apple StyleWriter II

Pickupjam repair Personal laserwriter NTR

I just did a pickup jam repair on my Apple Laserwiter IINT and was really impressed how simple it was to do after the initial learning curve. I am having a similar problem with the NTR that I just acquired where 1 in 10 times the page will be printed on startup and the other times the printer only tries to load the paper before getting the paper jam light. My question is the following: Is the repair basically the same with the NTR as with my personal Laserwriter II NT and the parts are all more or less in the same place should I attempt to take it apart? Would the same parts be needed as in its bigger cousin?


The 2 printers are totally different. The IINT is based on the SX engine. The personal laserwriters or PLW are based on the LX engine. The kit we sell for the PLW is just for the manual feed tray in front. If you're having problems with the optional lower cassette tray, we don't supply a kit for that.
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