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IJ700 Blinking Light


The light on the top of my Compaq IJ700 is blinking 12 times. Does not print at all.

Any idea what this means?

This condition could occur if an over current condition is sensed in one of the cartridges. Follow procedure below:

1) Power the printer off.

2) Remove BOTH the power cord and parallel printer cable from the back of the printer.

3) Open the printer door. The ink cartridges should be located to the right of the printer.

4) SLOWLY move the carrier by hand to the far left of the printer.

5) Remove both cartridges from the printer.

6) Plug the power cord back into the printer and power the printer on.

If you still get a 12 blink code with the cartridges removed from the printer, then it could possibly be a printer hardware failure. First, reseat the paper in the printer and insure that it is simply not alerting you to the fact that it is out of paper. Hit the paper feed button. You may need to turn the printer off and back on first. If it feeds paper successfully with paper still in the paper feeder and the error persists you should consider repairing the printer under terms of the warranty or take the printer to an Authorized Service Center for repair.

If the printer powers on and the light is solid, then the problem could be with one of the cartridges. Follow procedure below:

1. Follow steps above once more.

2. Install the black ink cartridge only back into the printer.

3. Follow step 6 above.

4. If the printer powers on and the light is solid with the black ink cartridge installed.

Then follow the steps stated to remove the black cartridge and install the color cartridge only. If you get a 12 blink code then we could have a cartridge failure.

If the cartridge fails it needs to be replaced. If the printer is still exhibiting the behavior without cartridges then it may possibly be due to other internal failures and will require servicing. Pursue repair of the unit under terms of the warranty or take the unit to an Authorized Service Center.

This information was provided at compaq support.
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