asked Jul 6, 2004 at 11:29am
Hp HP LaserJet 5SI

HP 5si not picking up paper in trays 1 & 3

Hi, I have an HP 5si that is not picking up paper from trays 1 and 3. In tray 1 the plate does not lift up to let the paper touch the pickup roller and in tray 3, the roller seems to be spinning when its above the paper, but when it goes down to pick it up, it stops spinning. Anyone know what the problem could be?


For tray 1 you may have a selenoid problem with the assemlby which needs to be replaced. We just swap out the units from or As to the tray 3 issue it appears you have a PIU problem. The paper should be lifted up to the rollers not the rollerw going down to the paper. I assuem you have watched this with tray 2 removed. A tray 3 constant jam is usually the 2nd pass roller, but the paper will be jamed on the right side and you have to open the side cover to remove the jam. With yous I would lean towards either bad rollers (just swap the rollers from tray 2 to 3 and vice versa) or a bad pIU.
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Well I managed to fix the problems, with tray 1, I took out the whole assembly and played around with the gears and the solenoid, put it back in, and it worked. And with tray 3, I took a closer look and noticed that the roller was actually touching the paper as it was turning (I guess I didnt look close enough first time) So I figured that something was preventing the paper from coming out of the tray, so I took the whole tray out and looked at it closely and noticed that the plastic bar that you use to change the size of the paper was crooked, somebody was changing the paper size and the back was in the Letter slot, but the front was in the A4 slot, so that was preventing the paper from coming out.

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