asked Oct 10, 2000 at 8:10pm
Unknown Printer

Re: laserwriter select 360 fax

I have no idea on the first one. The other one can't be caused by any kind of roller. Any roller that would cause it would cause uniform spotting, not random. Sounds like a toner leak to me.
It's a fuji/xerox engine. The parts are difficult to obtain and on the expensive side. The rollers you're talking about don't make any marks on the paper. The only 2 places that will do that is the toner cartridge or the fusing assembly.
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Hello,You can disable the fax card with the Laser Fax Utility. It is hard to find.Let me know if you want to get rid of your fax card.Craig BerghWorthington, MN [email protected]
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am getting a streak/ghositng down middle of page. can see a "shiny spot in morddle of roller (fusing assembly?) that corresponds. Do you know of a kit to replace fusing assembly on this model? thanks
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Hello,I went to my local Apple dealer and bought parts for my 360 and 12/600 printers. The prices were not that bad. Consider contacting an Apple dealer.For the tech info, go to eBay and buy a Apple service CD (less than $10 usually) that covers all tyhe Apple computers and printer. I have one and it is great.Email me, and I will send you the pdf file for your particular printer.Craig BerghWorthington, MN
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