asked Jun 15, 2004 at 7:59am
Hp HP LaserJet 5MP

HP LJ 5MP dark banding

Hi, Ive got an HP LJ 5/MP that is starting to print large dark bands on the paper. Do I need to change the toner cartridge or is there something I can clean. Are there instructions anywhere that let me know how and what I need to clean on the printer???

take a test : stop the printing before that the paper are in the fuser and verify if you are your dark banding ?

if yes : the problem are before the fuser
if no the problem are in the fuser

and verify the image on the cartridge ?

vertical or horizontal line ?

repetitive image defect ? if yes : distance between repetitive image defect ?
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I will do that, but I do know that the dark bands are vertical, through about 30 percent of the page starting on the left
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Fusers don't cause dark vertical banding. Pull out the toner cartridge and look at the photoconductive drum. You'll see the dark bands on it. Cause is a defective drum wiper blade. Can't be replaced. Replace the toner cartridge. Printer does not need cleaning. Most you need to do is blow the insides with an air can.
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cool, thats what I was leaning towards..... where is the best place to buy toner cartridges???
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