asked Jun 9, 2004 at 6:23pm
Epson Epson Stylus Photo 1200

Epson service program

I understand that the service program for 1280 runs only under Windows 98. How about the one for the Epson 1200, which is even older, does anyone know ?


I also have an Epson 1200 and can't get any drivers for the Status of the unit for Win XP. If you find any info on the 1200, would be greatly interested in checking it out. Also if I find out anything on it or your other 1280 will post same.
by Roy on Jun 9, 2004 at 6:30pm Add comment
The Status Monitor for the Stylus Photo 1200 is available at the Epson website. I found the driver at the Epson UK site and the status monitor at the Epson USA site.

The service program for the Stylus Photo 1200 runs under DOS.
by Ron on Jun 9, 2004 at 7:40pm Add comment
Thank You, I tried to use the drivers at the EPSON USA, AND ALSO THE STATUS MON. However, they would not work and I wrote Epson Support and was advised they did now support this model any more. I will try the UK site and see if it will work. This is such a good printer that I hate to just discard it for lack of driver. Again, Thanks, I'll go to the sites and try them again.
P.S. Just thought of something. Are these drivers for Windows XP professional? This is the OS that I am having trouble with.
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Thanks for the kind replies. Actually, I wasn't looking for the status monitor (the one for the 1280 is just as unfriendly for Win XP, in fact I believe the Epson website does not cite it as XP certified), the printhead on my 1200 is agonizing so I thought of getting a replacement for it the service program. The program can be downloaded for about $8, I just wanted to find out what sort of OS was needed to launch it. Does it have to be native DOS or could you use a computer with a newer OS and just boot in DOS?


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Hello Andrei
Since I made the jump to Win XP prof. I have had to get most of my equipment new. Its been quite a struggle to get everything the way I want it, however now I am much happier that I did. The XP is so much more stable than 98. It just appears that most of the big companies are shifting to newer type equipment and dropping support for the older. I read where 98 was to be dropped from support but such an issue came up that I believe they are going to continue support at least for a while yet.
Tell me more about that service program, is if for the 1200 or 1280? Will the status mon. work on it? Also are you having problems with the 1200? If you are having chattering problems, I think I know what it is. Mine started chattering each time it went to rest pos. or clean head. Had to totally disassemble the head cleaning pump and relubricate all the little moving parts. It had dried out and a bit of ink had been drawn in someway. Now it is perfect. It is a tedious job but well worth the effort as it would destroy itself if left go.
by Roy on Jun 10, 2004 at 12:20am Add comment
The Stylus Photo 1200 service program will run on a DOS box of a Windows 98SE OS. I don't if it will run on the newer versions of Windows OS.
by Ron on Jun 10, 2004 at 3:05am Add comment

This is the link to the site I used for the 1200 drivers etc. Had no problems.

by Trev Pearson on Jun 10, 2004 at 3:23am Add comment
Thanks for the link. I downloaded the drivers and attempted install, still can't get the status mon to work as it, says there are some conflicts with the previous drivers. Tried to uninstall using Add/remove but it will not take them off. Have to check further how to get rid of the old drivers, Any suggestions?
Thanks, Roy
by Roy on Jun 10, 2004 at 8:55pm Add comment