asked Jun 2, 2004 at 3:40pm
Apple Apple LaserWriter 360

groaning noise - Apple LaserWriter Select 360

What is likely to be causing a groaning noise on an Apple LaserWriter Select 360?

This happens whenever it is spinning its rollers, whether it is feeding paper or not.

It seems to print fine.

Most likely cause would be the drum wiper blade in the toner cartridge. It cleans toner off the drum and causes noises when it's dry, similar to a dry squeegee on a window pane.
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keep an eye on that printer, you may have paper jams soon.

if swapping the toner/drum doesn't solve the problem, the grinding could be caused by the feed clutch gear... the 360 is old... the clutch gear is a 3 piece assembly (2 plastic parts and a spring) the plastic spring retainer cap gets brittle and the spring eats through it... usually it will grind for a while, and then just jam every time it tries to feed because the gear is no longer actually turning the feed roller.

if you open the front door and look between the right side of the cover and the black base that the toner slides into you'll see a white gear about 1" in diameter, just above the green bar that sticks out. that's it. get a flashlight, and if you can see any cracks or grooves on it, it should be replaced.

the part that can be used to replace it is RG1-1777-000 (Drum Drive Ass'y) and can be purchased at http://www.printerworks.com for about $13 plus s/h

putting it in is a little tricky, as it's not an exact replacement. you need to use the black base from the old part, and put all the new gear parts on it for the mounting holes to line up correctly. if you have no fear of ripping things apart, it's worth replacing... you can't kill those printers... they're like the energizer bunny.
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Thanks a lot for the replies! The white gear looks OK, so I guess I will try a new toner cartridge.
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fixitguy, the 360 is a fuji/xerox engine. The p/n you cite is a Canon part number for their LX engine. Won't work in the 360.
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yeah I know about the compatibility issue, that's why the note about the tricky installation at the bottom...
originally I just got them through apple (as an authorized service tech) but since they put the printer on the obsolete list, I use the LX part because it's readily available from my state contract vendors (buying parts for schools is a nightmare!) and it only takes a couple seconds to swap the new gear to the old base... the only real difference is the number of screw holes in the mounting base...

if the end users can get the fuji/xerox parts more power to 'em... unfortunately I've gotta use what I can get
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Didn't know that was possible. Of course I never had to replace one or I probably would have noticed the similarity and did what you suggested. Dec, Star Micronics, Pitney Bowes, GCC, Xerox all had a version of that engine. They might still have parts available, though given the age I doubt it.
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