asked May 30, 2004 at 11:19pm
Hp HP LaserJet 5MP

Intermittent jamming - Laserjet 6MP

My HP Laserjet 6MP has an intermittent fault. It will print normally when first switched on, but after 20 minutes or so sheets start jamming just after the paper has passed under the chrome metal plate. The jammed sheets have some unfused on the top 1/3. I'd be very grateful for any help with how to fix this. Also, I have an old Laserjet 5MP that I've been holding on to. I think it's fuser is OK. Assuming that this is a fuser problem, could I cannibalise the 5mp and use parts from that and, if so, where could I find instructions.

Many thanks for any help with this!

Andrew have we not discussed this problem in the past? The fuser from the 5 will not work in the 6. If the fuser in the 5 is ok why not try to get that printer going since if I remember correctly or even if this is another printer our thoughts were that the main board of the 6MP as something going wrong with it after it has been on for a while. Intermiitent jamming, especally if it happens every time after 20 minutes indicates an electrical and not a mechanical problem and since the main board controls paper movement, I would lean towards it as the problem. The only question I have is the printer continually printing for the first 20 minutes or is just printing maybe 1 or 2 pages and siting for a while and then you go to print and the jam happens? Best test would be to turn on the printer, leave it on for lets say 30 minutes and then try to print. If it jams, turn off the printer, wait about 10 minutes, turn on the printer and imeedialtely try to print a test page. If it prints the test page, I would lean towards the electrical problem. If it does not print you may have a mechnical probelm and get back to us.
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Many thanks - I'll try the check you suggest. I searched the forum for info on this before posting and didn't come across anything. Perhaps I used the wrong search terms.
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