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Hp HP LaserJet 5SI

HP5si (55.08 Error)

I have an HP 5si that is driving me NUTS. I can run test pages all day with no problem. As soon as anything comes from the network, the 55.06 or more often 55.08 error comes up. Fortunately, the client has a bunch of thse printers so I have an on-line working printer available to swap parts for testing. So far, I have changed the MIO Card, Formatter, DC Controller and Laser Scanner. Printer has been moved from previous site to the MIS Dept. in another building so Power strips and Wall Outlet power problems have been eliminated. I am a patient man but there are limits, I am about ready to place and add and sell this thing for a boat anchor. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
It seems like the formatter or dc controller should have done the trick. It would have to be some sort of communications problem since the test prints work ok. Have you tried connecting it straight to a computer via the parallel port?
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Just giving you a follow up on this. In addition to the above proceedures, I re-seated every cable to the DC Controller & laser Scanner, swapped Cable from Laser To DC Controller, swapped Power Supplies, and yes , connected direct from PC with a parallel Cable. Also swapped Fuser as per HP Second Level Support. Took awhile for this midget brain to kick in, but finally figured that I had changed the Formatter, but that was the one part that I didn't take out and try in another machine. BINGO !!! the error followed the Formatter. Result: D.O.A. Formatter !!!! Not the first time that has happened, but what are the chances of getting one that produces the SAME 55.08 Error.
Thanks for your suggestions ------GONE DRINKING
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That's an AAAARGH! We've all had that kind of experience. I remember once when I was a tech on jets I had isolated the problem to a black box. First one I tried had the same problem as did the second, third and fourth. After the 5th trip to the parts depot (beginning to have doubt in my troubleshooting abilities) I got one that worked. Thanks for the follow up. We'll add that to our knowledge base.
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