asked May 27, 2004 at 1:40pm
Unknown Printer

Laserjet 8100

This printer got a 79.00fe printer error. I powered the printer off and on to get rid of it. It seems to be working now. Does anyone know what this error points to?
The error code 79.00fe usually relates to a corrupted print job or a problem with the Jetdirect card in the printer.

Obviously when you powered down and cleared the print job the problem went away.

There is also a know issue when printing from Adobe InDesign.

If you have further problems perform a cold reset on the printer and/or reconfigure the JetDirect card.


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This is probably not a hardware error, but rather a PostScript error. Most HP printers use "PostScript emulation" rather than having real Adobe PostScript. ColorLaserJet printers use true PostScript, and do not produce the error. The reason the problems seems to happen every few minutes when it occurs is that your print job is still spooled.
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I turned off the printer, removed and reinstalled the jetdirect card, and turned the printer back on. This resolved the issue. Searching for this error comes back with the error being related to the jetdirect card or a postscript error, so I figured it couldn't hurt to address both concerns at once.
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