asked May 23, 2004 at 3:32pm
Canon Canon LBP 4

canon s520

The power light flashes 4 orange flashes puntuated with green. I have replaced all of the ink cartridges. powered off and even tried unplugging the power supply with little effect. does anyone know what to try next to print my assignment like yesterday?????
thank you Barry for you helpful information it looks as though its a purge sensor error because the error code is 5C00 any ideas what to do now???
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If the light toggles between Green and Orange 4 times, this would indicate a Purge sensor error (5C00 on screen)
If it blinks 4 times between green flashes this will indicate a No Ink error (1600 on your screen;
1601- No ink Black: 1611-No ink Yellow:
1612-No ink Magenta: 1613-No ink Cyan.
If these tanks are full then the ink sensor is having trouble seeing the ink remaining or is defective.
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The Purge unit (QG4-0257-000) is $28.81 plus the cost of labor to install. Is it ecconomical to repair this unit or purchase a replacement?
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Thanks for all your help Barry I will try to source a quote here in the uk for the purge unit and repair. Then decide if its economical to repair.
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Do you have any idea how i woukd change the Purge unit??
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Does anyone know how easy it is to replace the purge sensor with a new purge unit (Q64-0257-000)??? Should I even try? FYI, I've never fixed a printer before but am fairly mechanically inclined.
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