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Apple Apple StyleWriter II

Apple LaserWriter II NTX Blinking Lights

Ok. I get the blinking red lights after warm-up. Turning it off for ten minutes yields the blinking lights again. The Laserwriter Utility said something about "...awaiting temperature warm-up". Is this the fuser? Is there a "kit" for this repair.


--Dwight Early

Most of the time it's attributable to a bad ac power supply. Check the troubleshooting page for door interlock bypass. Power the printer up after the 10 minute wait and see if the fuser lights up at all. You should hear the motor wind up and then a soft click from the ac power supply to the right of the fuser. We have that available as Apple II 2 blinking lights kit. We also have a fuser assembly on the specials page.
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Ok, I check again. Sigh! BTW, went to the Specials page, but didn't eyeball a fuser assembly.
by Dwight on Oct 8, 2000 at 6:04am Add comment
It's there, click on Parts on the left side and you'll see it.
by moe on Oct 8, 2000 at 10:52am Add comment
Bingo! I opened the case, held down the motor lock switch watched the fuser light come on & go off several times w/o the flashing red lights ever coming on. So, back down went the hatch, and I've been in business ever since. I think it's probably the fuser by the way the fuser light seem to come on then "spudder" and then go off. But, it seems to work now. Dunno. I give. Thanks for your help, Moe. It's great to have someone with experience lead me thru this. So, if it acts up again, I'll get a fuser assembly from you and go from there.
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Actually, you want to order our Apple II 2 blinking lights on warmup kit. It contains an ac power module and video. That's what causes the problem. If the light didn't come on, it could be a burned out lamp.
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The Apple II blinking lights on warmup kit is presently shown as unavailable. When will this item be available for purchase?
by mitch on Dec 1, 2000 at 6:49am Add comment
Early next week is what I've been told.
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I have a LW IIG with similar problems. The first green light goes on and blinks for a long time and then, after a while it goes off and the two right-hand lights blink and the printer reports that it's fixing a temperature malfunction. I have a couple of other IINT's which I could use for parts but have not been able to figure out where to find the AC power module to which you've referred in your message to Dwight. The picture you show for errors 51 and 52 is not the same as what I find. Also, can one get hurt by the laser by shunting the interlock and turning on the printer as you suggest for checking the quartz lamp? If not, where does one look for the quartz lamp?

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The ac power module sits to the right of the fuser assembly. The fuser plugs into it. You have to remove the cover, the ozone filter housing and the upper fan. Then you have to remove the fuser and last the ac power block. The laser doesn't fire until the paper is moving through the printer. In any case it's a low power laser and if you stared directly at it, it might do some damage. The lamp is inside the fuser assembly at the rear of the printer. If it lights up you can see the light coming out either end.
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Thanks, Moe, I exchanged the bad ac power unit and the fuser with another machine and now I no longer get the printer error: "Fixing Temperature Malfunction". However, I'm distraught to find that, after all that work, the printer will not pick up the paper from the tray and feed it through the printer. It leaves a smudge on the top page where the roller has rubbed the paper. Any hints on how that can be fixed? Do I just need to clean the roller with some kind of softening compound?
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You need to remove the 'glazing' off the rollers. I've had the same problem in the past; the smudge is caused by the roller slipping, rather than gripping, the paper. Try using a cotton swab dipped in a mild cleaning solvent; do not use alcohol. Incidently I just replaced the faulty ac power module (a few minutes of my time) and the blinking lights problem is history. Thanks to moe and a superb website such as this; keep up the fine work!
by mitch on Dec 9, 2000 at 5:24am Add comment
On that printer cleaning the rollers will only provide temporary relief. The pickup surface gets shiny and loses some material. It has to be replaced. Also recommend replacement of the cork separator pad in conjunction with it. We have a kit for it in our Repair Kit section.
by moe on Dec 9, 2000 at 11:02am Add comment
The specific light pattern my LW II NTX displays is:
All Lights On, then
Yellow Light On, Red Paper Light On, and Red Jam Light Blinks
Is this the same AC Unit issue, and if so, when will it become available?
by unknown on Dec 28, 2000 at 3:47am Add comment
If your AC power module is truly defective, then both red lights (jam and paper lights) will blink in unison after a brief printer warmup period. I assume you have thoroughly checked the interior paper path for jammed page(s). Also listen for soft "clicks" from the rear of your printer (near the AC line) which may be indicative of the power shutting off to your fuser unit. That's another sign that the AC module needs replacing.
by mitch on Dec 28, 2000 at 6:12am Add comment
Bad formatter board. To prove it pull out the formatter board and do an engine test. If you get a page with lines on it, you've tested everything but the formatter board which obviously isn't installed. See troubleshooting page for engine test location photo.
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Hi moe,my NTXII needed about 10 mins to warm up - blinking the green light.Now green + 2 red lights burn + the last red light is blinking - and nothing works.... is it the AC Unit?
by unknown on Mar 11, 2001 at 7:03am Add comment
Moe,Is there a photo on your web site anywhere which will let me see what the "Formatter Board" looks like?Also, I have a couple of LaserWriter IINT machines which may end up being good for parts. Any idea what they might be worth or what the parts would be worth?
by Roger on Mar 11, 2001 at 8:35am Add comment
This one is to Paul. Strange light patterns are usually a bad formatter board. Pull out the board (held in by 2 screws in the rear of the printer). Do it with power off. Then turn power back on, let it warm up and try an engine test. See troubleshooting page, engine test for location. There's a small plastic panel covering the hole.Roger, see above for location of board. We don't have a photo of one on the site. Working NTs are only worth about $100-$150 anymore. You can't get too much for the used parts unless they're refurbished.
by moe on Mar 11, 2001 at 12:51pm Add comment
Thank's a lot for the information. My NTX is now in 30 pieces becaused I did clean everything (what a dust!) - and now I go for asleep - it's night in Austria. I'll try it tomorrow. Thanx.
by Paul on Mar 11, 2001 at 1:06pm Add comment
I got blinking lights at Paper Jam and Toner. It's refer to error " require service ". What i'm suppose to look for?. I have tried engine test and it print line vertical all over the page.
by unknown on Mar 12, 2001 at 1:53am Add comment
Rule of thumb is that if the printer does an engine test, everything in the print engine is OK. The only thing that isn't tested is the formatter board.
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Rule of thumb is that if the printer does an engine test, everything in the print engine is OK. The only thing that isn't tested is the formatter board.
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I have an old IINTX that worked "fine" until the paper pickup problem became too much. I purchased and installed the repair kit sucessfully and the print no longer has any pickup problems whatsoever - thank you Moe. However, I have a new problem. When I power the machine on cold it RIPs the test page, warms up the engine, and prints it but I hear a de-de-de-de-de rather than the nice constant tone I hear normally during a print and the resultant page has lots of horizontal black stripes followed by the two blinking red lights error. Said more simply, there is horizontal distortion of the image. If I turn the printer off and then back on I sometimes get the botched copy but no blinking lights and the green light appears to indicate that everything is "ok".<p>If I wait a minute or two and press the engine test page I can usually get it to spit out a test copy with perfect vertical lines down the whole page all the while hearing that nice clean tone during printing. If I immediately hit the switch again another spits out to the de-de-de-de tune and I get a distorted page. If I wait a minute I can usually get another clean print, but I sometimes hear the de-de-de-de-de at the very end of the page at which time if I press the switch again I get another botched copy. I can repeat this practically ad infinitum.<p>The formatter board worked fine before and performed the pickup jam repair and I've never taken it out. Since the engine passes the test sometimes, is this an AC module problem too?
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Moe, Is there a photo on your web site anywhere which will let me see what the "Formatter Board" looks like? Also, I have a couple of LaserWriter IINT machines which may end up being good for parts. Can anyone give me an idea what they might be worth or what the parts would be worth?
by Roger on Mar 17, 2001 at 7:12am Add comment
No photos of the board. Real easy to remove, just 2 captive screws holding it. Board is at the rear bottom part of the printer, slides out for replacement.
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Moe,I suspect I have the AC power module problem...red lights flashing on powerup, but with a slightly different twist. When after waiting 10 minutes, I start up with the cover open and the interlock down, the fuser light comes on several times and everything works fine when I close the cover. After 3 iterations I have perfect failure (3 for 3) powering up with the cover closed and perfect success (3 for 3) with the cover up. Any ideas? Interlock switch?ThanksDave
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Coincidence. There's really no difference if the plastic tab on the cover pushes down on the interlock switch or if you push it down with a stick. I'd say AC power module.
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I have an older Apple Personal LaserWriter printer. When I try to print (from my Mac), I get an error message saying "Fuser Assembly Malfunction." Nothing happens in the printer. Any ideas about repairing or troubleshooting this? Any ideas about cost? Thanks.
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You guys need to start new threads for different problems. Check out our Printer Repair Kits page. You're looking for the Apple PLW 2 blinking lights at warmup kit.
by moe on Jul 20, 2001 at 10:25am Add comment
When I power up my IIF I get solid lights on the power, toner, and paper out light and a blinking light on the paper jam light. Nothing in the list of error codes covers this situation. What can be the problem?
by Leon on Oct 8, 2001 at 6:38pm Add comment
Bad formatter board. Try pulling the formatter out of the back of the printer (2 screws). Then do an engine test (see troubleshooting page). If the engine test works, you'll need to replace the formatter board.
by moe on Oct 9, 2001 at 9:29am Add comment
any suggestions please. my problem matches one you had some time ago with a laserwriter II ntx. paper out and paper jam flash continually. problem occured on first start-up after long absence. printer engine whirred on start-up but now does not. my II fx mac report s 'cannot find laserprinter'. local apple centre says II ntx is not repairable without even removing a screw. can anyone help? thanks. don - Anonymous
Did you read the entire thread? From what you say, I would suspect the ac power module. http://www.fixyourownprinter.com/kits/apple/K49
by moe on Nov 11, 2005 at 10:00am Add comment
Moe, still out there? My Apple LaserWriter II NTX turns on, warms up, goes green then flashing red (paper and jam). It will give me a page of vertical lines (test) if I press recessed button fast enough after power on, I disabled start up page function when I still had a working floppy drive for the utility disc. Got a refurb I/O board and similar results except for perfectly printed start up page then back to flashing red. I defeated clamshell motor lock switch an powered on to see fuser lights which were obviously OK. Is AC power module you referred to listed as "power supply block" in Apple Service Source manual? Any info would be of help, thanks
Bill B
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That's a strange one. Given your tests, I would kind of doubt it has anything to do with the power supply or fuser as it would never print a page. Haven't worked on one in a long time so my memory is fuzzy. I think that the same light combination also indicates a faulty laser scanner assy. Those scanners very rarely failed. Maybe try opening it up and cleaning the inside mirrors real good with a cotton swab. - moe