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Epson Epson Artisan 700

Epson Stylus Photo 700 in coma

I took my father-in-law's aforementioned Epson off his hands because it has essentially quit on him. It will power up and the carriage does the standard left to right to ready position movement but then the power and paper lights start flashing red and the black and color ink lights are solid red. I have tried every button combo listed in the troubleshooting manual. I assumed that the printer is essentially saying the waste ink pads are full; I took it apart and they seemingly are.

I reassembled it, downloaded the SSC utility and installed the correct drivers, but the lights are still doing the same thing. I am able to reset the counter using the SSC utility, but none of the other SSC functions seem to work (SSC hangs).

I have noticed that the Epson Status Monitor is perpetually "searching" for the printer/doesn't seem to recognize that it is attached (although it does show up in my Windows Printer Settings). I can not send test pages or conduct nozzle checks using the Epson utility.

Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions.

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All lights flashing is a mailtenance request error but a flashing lights with a solid light generally indicates a fatal error. It could be as easy to fix as cleaning and oiling the carriage guide shaft(it should be bright and shiney - it it looks dull or has streaks on it then it need to be clraned) but it could be a motor failure or a main board failure.

Listen for any straining or grinding noises. Check to see if the belt is loose. But if you have the service manual you can just follow the diagnostic flow chart.

I hope this helps.

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Where can I get a service manual? Or if it is a main board failure is it ultimately going to be more trouble that it is worth?

Thanks for the reply appreciate any other suggestions for fixing.
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