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Hp HP LaserJet 4

HP LJ IIP problem win 2k

I have an HP IIP that I picked up at a flea market for $10. The unit powers up and and prints the self tests fine (it has 512k according to the self test). Problem is when it prints the test print in Windows 2000 (using the default hp IIP drivers) it's print is garbled. Some letters are missing, others are printed on top of each other. The little windows logo at the top left is 'scattered' (as if all the pixels are there, just in in the wrong places). This behavior also extends to printing in Word or an IE page.

The unit prints from the dos prompt fine. There are no errors on the printer or computer during the printing and no odd noises or feed problems from the printer. The printer is in good shape and only has 9490 prints on it.

I have swapped out printer cables and am using a new bi-directional cable. The parallel IO port on the computer is setup to ECP/EPP 1.9. Regardless of the I/O settings the results are the same.

My hope is that this is a memory issue (ie it needs more memory than 512k) but in all my reading the printer would generally tell you it needed more memory rather than just corrupting the printout. I don't want to bother spending $50 for a 4 meg card only to find out it is a logic board problem. Can anyone confirm this behavior on a printer with not enough memory?

Any help appreciated.

BTW I posted this message a couple of days ago but seems to have disappeared, my apologies if it is duplicative.

Uninstalled and Install the drivers.
Can you try it from another OS other than Win2000.
I had the same problem with an Inkjet printer which didn't print from Win2000, MSoffice programs, but it worked fine on Win98.

Just a thought
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I agree with it being a driver issue, although I've had a lot more driver problems with 98 than 2K. 98 had a nasty habit of losing all the printer drivers during a print job. Had to reboot the computer twice a day. 2K was losing my photosmart printer in the beginning. It showed up but wouldn't communicate. It just cured itself one day and no more problems. Delete it and reinstall.
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