asked May 2, 2004 at 4:11pm
Hp HP LaserJet 5MP

Don't give up on that HP 5P!

I posted a message at this site a while ago about a 5P and a 5MP. I have had an update on the problem, which has baffled me much.

On my 5P, whenever I wanted to print (whether by pressing the 'go' button or by the computer), the paper would be picked up then would stop just before the toner cartridge rollers.

I was originally told by a printer repair shop that I had to get a new paper pickup, as the original was broken (It actually wasn't), I was then told the transfer rollers were worn and were causing the problem (which they weren't) and I was then told that the DC controller was faulty (which it wasn't). I eventually gave up and the two printers sat in the cupboard for many months. When I found a new DC controller for a low price, I tried it and it didn't help at all. By this stage, I was sure the printer was dead.

After many months, I found after many days of disassembling and reassembling the printer, I found that the only culprit that could be left is the laser assembly. Since I now had three printers of the same type, I decided to try another laser. I put the laser in my 5P from another dead 5P, from which I borrowed the DC controller from, and I actually got a page of lines! Although it was nothing, I was actually able to get a page from the printer that stopped before the cartridge every time. I then tried the laser assembly from my 5MP and the printer works perfectly again! I then put my original DC Controller and Formatter board back in and it still worked perfectly.

Throughout all this time, I was getting a 'Continuable!' error, which in more detail was shown as a different LED combination not mentioned anywhere in a service manual. It was basically saying it had no idea what the problem was.

So after all this talk, what I am trying to say is that:

a) Sometimes the end user can understand more about the printer than the professionals can

b) Don't ever trust diagnostic lights on a HP printer. Always check it's diagnosis before doing anything

c) Don't give up! Just use common logic and work out how the printer works and where problems are likely to develop. For me, I noticed the mirror from the laser was pointing straight to just after where the paper was stopping every time. I then assumed that the printer would not print as it would not achieve anything if it continued with a dead laser.

d) I was told that the HP 5P is a 'heavy duty' printer that rarely fails. If you have one with a similar problem, don't give up! It may be fixed quite easily!