asked Apr 22, 2004 at 6:56am
Hp HP Color LaserJet 4600DN

HP 4600dn

This printer is giving us an error 59.90 when you turn it on.

Someone told me it's a motor error, but Moe says that motor problems with this model are almost unheard of.

Also, Moe doesn't think he can parts for it because it's fairly new.

Anyone have any ideas where to start?
How old is your printer?
How many pages are on it?
Reasons for asking is it may still be under warranty(1 year unless extended), or the etb belt may be used up( but I wouldn't think this error would present itself, but rather a replacement indicator).
Run a component test from the control panel to verify that that specific motor is not functioning.
Good luck.
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It's about six months out of warranty. It's about 18 months old.

It's used at the high school where I work, so it sees some heavy usage, but I couldn't tell you how many pages are on it because it won't print anything right now...

"Run a component test from the control panel to verify that that specific motor is not functioning. "

Could someone tell me where to go to do this?

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I am not in front of the machine so this is from memory.
press the green button
use the down arrow to go to diagnostics
press the green button
use the down arrow to component test
press the green button
use the down arrow to got to etb motor test
press the green button
It will tell you to remove all the cartidges
do so without shutting it off and then close up the unit
follow the screen commands from there if any
Like I said this is from memory and may not be totally correct
I am sure if they are not someone will correct me.

Good luck
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For anyone else who has the 59.90 error problem: I could not get the printer (HP 4600 dn) started with repeated cycling of the on/off switch even after long cooling off periods. After reading the above suggestion, I went to component test, selected test the cartridge motors, removed all the cartridges even though it said to remove one. Then I tried to get it to do a check. It took pushing the grren key several times, but finally it went into check mode and promptly ask me to insert the cartridges. I did so. Then it went through the initialization and into calibrate mode and is now up and running. I almost never power down the printer. The recent trouble arose when I replaced the black cartidge. I have had this problem before, but it always eventually responded to power cycling. The component test was an immediate cure. A bit of a pain, but better than being without a printer and better than calling for service when there appears to be no real problem.
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The ETB test is to determine if the motor is running.

The fact that it started running is coincidental.

If your 4600 has not had the DC Controller upgraded you might want to look into it before the end of the year, (while it's still free).
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Over the last 2 weeks when I print I get a printer error on my desktop...says "failed to print" then the printer starts but only prints out about half of the job and the last sheet is alway half printed. It seems like a spooler or memory problem but I don't know where to start to diagnose or fix it..

Can you suggest how to do this....please
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If your JetDirect is a 615N I'd replace that first, they can hang print jobs.


When the printer hangs up is the Data light on?

You might print the configuration page and list the errors shown in the error history log.
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Jeffreyl, try doing a cold reset. On our network, we have this problem on random printers throughout the building whenever we do a print server update. 99\% of the time, the cold reset fixes this type of issue.

To do a cold reset:
1. Power of system and power back on.
2. Immediately press and HOLD the green button until the memory test completes and the 3 lights are all on (lit).
3. Release the green button and arrow down once to "Cold Reset" and hit the green button again.

The printer will cycle itself down and restore all factory settings. This will usually clear any hang ups in the memory as well.

Good luck.
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For a HP 4560dn
I had the user follow Bill's steps above; even though she saw no ETB motor test in her menu or a prompt to remove cartridges, I had her remove & reinsert ink cartridges then power off/on the printer & this worked. Thank you so much for your post!
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This is from the manual:

A printer motor error has occurred.
X Description:
0 motor error
1 motor startup error
2 motor rotation error
3 fuser motor startup error
4 fuser motor rotation error
5 print cartridge motor startup error
6 print cartridge motor rotation error
9 ETB motor startup error
A ETB motor rotation error
B developing disengaging motor
startup error
C developing disengaging motor
rotation error

Y Description:
0 no color
K black
C cyan
M magenta

ETB motor error
1 Clean the ETB unit intermediate
connector, J4017. If the
connector is damaged, replace it.
2 Reconnect the connetors J4022
for the ETB motor, J4017
between the ETB and the printer,
and J4014 on the DC controller
3 Replace the ETB motor.
4 Replace the DC controller PCB.
Calibrate the printer after
replacing the DC controller. See
“Calibrate Now” on page 294.

According to this you have a ETB motor problem. If you are not a tech familar with this printer it maybe time to find one.
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