asked Apr 17, 2004 at 5:12am
Hp HP LaserJet 5SI

HP 5si print overrun

I have an HP 5simx that gets a print overrun error about 40 pages into a very large document. It appears that I'm running out of memory in the printer. I have 40MB installed right now, and run it on the network with a jetdirect card. I know that there is an optional hard drive available. Will installing one help me?

If it won't help me, or I can't find one to buy, can I slow down the data flow to my printer so that it can keep up?
I am not sure if you can slow down the data, however, there are a couple of things I can suggest. More memory will help and if you can get the MIO hard drive that will also help but finding one will be difficult since this is now an old printer. One suggestion I can make is to lower the density of the print job. I believe the default for the 5SI is either 600 or 1200 dpi. Most jobs unless, they are highly tecnical graphics or pictures will print fine in 300 dpi and if just test 150 dpi should be fine. Try lowerering the dpi in the print driver properties section when you send the job and see what happens. If the dpi it is set for now needs it then you will have to add more memory or perhaps divide the print job in more than 1 job, printing lets 20 papges first then the next 20 etc.
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I just bought 96 megs of memory on e-bay. That should help. I've been looking for a hard drive as well, and I found one that appears to be newer than the printer. I didn't bid on it because I don't know that it will work. How can I find out what hard drives will work and which ones don't?

I did also get an error 79 as well. I understand that there may be some updates that need to be done so that the machine will be more compatible with newer network structure (I'm running XP) any truth to that, and where would I get updates?
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Check the I/O buffer setting under the I/O menu, which can be found on the menu map. If it is set to "off" (factory default), try setting it to "auto", and then see what happens.
Good luck!
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