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Epson Epson Artisan 810

Epson Photo 810 prints yellow and black lines

hi! i have a prob with my Epson Photo 810 printer. it always print the first 2-3 pages of documents (or whatever) with yellow and black lines. to make things even worse, even if i am only printing black text only document, the yellow lines are still goin to be printed. what causes that? i have already tried cleaning the head multiple times but the problem still persist. the problem dissapears after the 3rd or so page of printing though. but when u turn it off and use it again the ff day, there's a 90\% chance that the first few pages of doc will again have yellow ang black lines scattered on the page. its really irritating.

any ideas? tnx in advance
by the way i haven't used any ink refills 'coz i am afraid those things may cause damage to my printer. i have used ink resetters though, not b'coz i want to refill my cartridge, but just to use all the remaining ink that is left on my cartridge.

the resetter is actually my main suspect in this prob because the problem happened days after i used the said software.
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You could have a biuld-up of lint/paper dust and old dried ink on the face of the print head.

try using a damp folded paper towel and place in the the path of the print head and pass the print head over it a few times. This will usually remove the debirs off the print head face.

Keep repeating the process until there is little or no ink on the paper towel. And you might want to use gloves if you have them.

For more info with photos try this link http://epsonhelp.freehttp.com/phface.html

I hope this helps you out.

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