asked Apr 4, 2004 at 7:54pm
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Epson Stylus Photo 810 - Print Error

Hi, i recieve a print error whenever i try to print something, and the printer only prints the top part of the page. Then repeatedly prints only the first couple of lines and keeps spitting out copies. Its been bugging me for days, any help would be much appreciated.

Tyson Russell
Tyson: Usually, that is not an actual printer problem, but more likely a communication type error coming from your Computer System. I would suggest you deinstall and remove your Printer and its Printer Drivers from your computer system and then go on-line to Epson UK, at http://www.epson.co.uk/support/download/ and download new drivers. Bad or corrupted drivers can cause many problems, especially communication errors and failures. Remember to "DEINSTALL" [remove] your old drivers/printer first and then go to that EPSON UK web-site. Scroll down and click-on "Ink Jet Printers" in the first column. Scroll down to "Stylus Photo 810" in the second column. Scroll down to your particular Operating System and click-on it in the third column. Then simply read the information and follow the prompts to download the latest available printer drivers for your particular printer...If new drivers don't help, then you might want to try a new Printer Cable, because a failing cable can also cause communication problems...Check for an e-mail from me on how to run a Stand Alone Printer Test, to try and determine if your problem is coming from your computer system, or your printer...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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Ive tried everything you suggested, including the self-test page... which prints fine mind you. Now one thing that happens that didnt used it occasionally has two problems, one the same as above and the second the green light flashes when i try to print something, starts printing then stops after the 2nd or 3rd line... makes buzzing noises like its doing something every couple of seconds but only moves the bar ever so slightly and keeps moving the page out very slowly until it does eventually come out, but blank. Weird problem i must say.
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Tyson: Generally speaking, if the self-test page comes out ok, then usually that indicates that your printer thinks its working normally. When the Green Power Light is flashing that simply indicates that your printer is receiving DATA from your Computer System and is normal during any communication [good or bad communication/data]. However, it does sound like your printer may have an actual Hardware Problem/Parts Failure, from your description. The only way to really know, would be to actually install your printer and printer cable on a different computer system for testing [like a friends]. Then download new printer drivers from the Epson.Com web-site and then try running a few print jobs. If your printer works ok on a second computer system, then at least you would know its a problem in your computer system and then you would probably need help from a computer person, rather than a printer technician. On the other hand, if your printer still does not work correctly on a second computer system, then at least you would know that its probably a hardware/parts problem and then its normally time to purchase a new printer. At this point the only other thing that I can suggest, is to try cleaning and lubing the Carriage Assembly, just to eliminate that as a possible problem. Check for an e-mail from me, with some info on that subject...As the "Epson Stylus Photo 810 Printer" was not made or sold in the USA, I have not actually seen one and I am not framiliar with it at all. QUESTION: Does your "810" have an almost see-threw plactic strip, that runs thru the back of the Print Cartridge Holder Assembly. That strip runs the length of the actual round metal Carriage Bar/Shaft and sets just above that shaft. That strip is actually a Sensor Strip/Encoder Strip and if it gets real dirty, can cause some strange problems. Just in case your particular printer has that sensor strip, I will also e-mail you some info concerning the cleaning of that strip...Denny Conway
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