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Epson Epson Stylus Color 600

EPSON STYLUS 600 - No Improvement With Solution

I recently purchased the Epson Stylus Head Cleaning Solution. I've repeated the process several times for both the sponge pads and the cone-shaped fittings in the assembly. There has been absolutely no improvement in my printer. In fact, the nozzle check pattern prints out less lines than before.

This printer has been idle for over a year and I am positive it's clogged.

What are my other options at this point?
mkatipunan06: After a year or more the chances of actually unclogging the Print Heads go way down. Its also possible that the clog being in there so long, has possibly damaged the Print Head Nozzles, especially if you were using Non-Epson Ink or Ink Cartridges in your printer. If the print heads will not unclog, or are actually damaged or failing, then the only economical thing would be to buy a new printer. You can buy a new printer for what it costs to replace the print heads...The only other thing that I do, that sometimes works, is to leave the syringe with the Epson Solution installed onto that plastic pipe for 2 or 3 days. Every 6 or 8 hrs simplyn apply a little more solution into the nozzle assembly [if you can], by pressing gently onto the syringes plunger. If the plunger will not depress, then leave it alone for a day and then try it again. JUST REMEMBER: The "nozzles" inside the printhead assembly can be easily damaged by using to much force on the plunger of the syringe. Damage can even occur when you are using the Epson Stylus Head Cleaning Solution method, if you actually try to force the fluid thru the nozzle. To much force/pressure can damage the little tubes inside the Nozzle Assembly and then it will never work again. One individual printhead nozzle is so tiny, that it will not accept a human hair. You can see why they can get clogged so easily, or even why the nozzles can be so easily damaged. A longer soaking will sometimes help to dissolve a really bad clog, but not always. Sometimes you might have to use the fluids several times to be able to dissolve the clog in the printhead nozzles, over a period of 4 or 5 days. Sometimes the clog will never disolve, or it actually damages the nozzles. The longer the clog has been in, the worse it is to remove. Again, if the cleaning fluids don't help, then its generally time to invest in a new printer...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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Thanks for the quick reply. As of right now I've already run out of colour ink trying to clean the print head. I don't think I'm going to spend on a new cartridge to see if any new options will work out.

What is the best place to dispose of a printer? I was wondering if it had any salvage value left.
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mkatipunan06: Normally no value in old Epson Ink jet Printers, even for parts. Unfortunatly, its usually the Print Head Assembly that most people would need anyway. Right or Wrong, most people simply put there old printers in the trash, but you might want to check your State or County code first. Disposal rules and regulations seem to be always changing in most areas and I would not want you to get cited, if caught. You can always check thru the Phone Book, for any Computer Recycling Programs, that might be listed in your area. Some will accept Printers, but there may be a charge involved...Denny Conway
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You could warm the solution and then inject it into the print head. Flush the print head out slowly then inject a little more and let it soak. Be sure to let the solution sit for at least 3 hours then try flushing it again.

Keep in mind that the solution usually does unclog a print head but it can't undo any damage to the print head.

I hope this helps.

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