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Epson Epson Stylus Color 600

Epson Stylus Color 600 Paper Out Error

Hello! I have an Epson Stylus Color 600. It prints fine with one exception. If the ink monitor is turned off and I think the spool settings are altered, the printer works fine but VERY SLOW!! If however the ink monitor is turned on, the printer occasionally reports that it is out of paper. So what is the problem? The pages come out in the middle of the print job! This is very irritating. Could this be a problem with the electronics or the paper out sensor? Any help would be appreciated!
Also, does this printer work OK under XP?


You can go on www.epson.com and contact them.
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Vix: It sounds like more of a problem in your Computer System or more likely in the software loaded on your computer, rather than the printer itself. There are some problems on using any older printers on Win's XP. Most major manufactors decided not to make new XP Printer Drivers, for many of their older lines of printers. They said it was not economical, given the limited amount of some of their older lines of printers. Its possible that your old drivers have become corrupted and may be causing you problems. I would suggest that you first go on-line to Epson Company and read the information, on using your older "600" on a Windows XP Operating System. You can read the available XP information, by clicking on www.epson.com . You can then deinstall and remove your old Printer Drivers and download one of your available options to try. Also check to see if there is a separate download to install the Status Monitor for your "600", under Win's XP. Sometimes there is and other times it automatically comes with the new drivers being downloaded...Check for an e-mail from me on doing a "Stand Alone Printer Test", to try and determine if its an actual printer problem, or a problem in your computer system...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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Thank you for all your help!

Have tried everything: Switched LPT cables, tried cleaning the paper feed mechanism, ran under XP and 2000 (even more printing problems due to drivers), reinstalled win 98 drivers and OS, etc. and tried this on multiple computers. I've given up.

I will also try to attempt to install a paper feed mechanism from a 670 and see if that will yield any results.

Could it be the printer's port?!
Self test runs perfect.

Thanks once again!

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Switched a paper feed mechanism from a 670 and it runs perfect now, all I need is some ink.

No hope in reviving the 670, the head is damaged.

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