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HP Laserjet 4050 - Problems Lines etc

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We have a problem with an HP 4050 probably caused by staff printing on heavy duty pre-printed sticky label blanks.
The following occurs:
1. Any pages printed are smudged and quality unacceptable. Especially on start up there is a 1/4" vertical area to the right of the page that has sharp marks printed on it. These fade after 2 pages but a faint discolouration continues. A replacement cartridge had been fitted but has same problem.
2. The first page on start-up appears to have a 'ghost' image to the centre of the page. This fades after second sheet.
3. The rubber roller appeared to have been marked and I attempted to clean this using a lint free cloth. No change.
4. The rear outfeed makes a grinding noise on initiation and this noise fades subsequently.
5. On dust cleaning using an air spray several small pieces of plastic material were ejected. These have the colour of audio tape but are more substantial.
6. On running the cleaning page programme the sheet produced has a 1/4" highly smuged strip down the right hand side of the sheet.

Can this machine, which has done 60000 sheets be repaired easily ? I recognise we will need a new cartridge but what else ? As we are in the United Kingdom can you deliver here ?

Many thanks in advance
That plastic material that looks like audio tape sure sounds like pieces of fuser film. Open the back cover and remove the fuser (2 small plastic covers and 2 screws) and check out the fuser...probably where the noise is coming from too.
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Thanks. I presume the screws are the two downward facing screws located inside the rear "door" of the printer. As I should assume this is the fault (or at least one of them) should I now consider the HP Maintenance Kit (C4118=67903) or are there alternatives.

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Did replacing the cartridge make the problem go away for a short while? I recently had several 4000 and 4050 printers that were used to print heavy check stock. the transfer roller (the black foam one) appeared to have dark streaks along the right side. I found that the metal shield in front of the transfer roller was slightly warped. This shield is the one you can lift up to remove a paper jam. one end was slightly higher than the other. when the cartridge was installed, the edge of the shield was pushed up and touched the drum and scraped the coating causing noise and a nasty stripe down one edge of the paper. It was a vertical smudge the length of the page and also had horizontal marks within the smudge every 1/4 to 1/2 inch. I solved the problem on all of the printers I had by checking the shields and un-warping them. It seemed that the only ones that had this problem were printing on heavy stock like checks (or labels?). When you remove the cartridge, tap on both corners of the shield left and right. if you feel or hear a clicking sound then that corner is high and when you put in the cartridge, it will push down making the other corner kick up. lift up the shield and GENTLY warp it back so that both corners touch when it's down. Unfortunately, if this is the problem in your case, the cartridge drum has been scratched and is damaged. I also saw the little flakes of plastic in my printers however it was pieces of the drum coating that had been scraped off of the cartridge. In your case, I would check the fuser as KenC suggested since you've been printing labels that could have peeled and damaged it but if you find no damage there, the registration and transfer area is another place to check. It took me a week and several destroyed cartridges to finally discover and fix my printers..
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You have to remove the rear cover/bin, then the 2 small duplex connector covers to the right and left of the fuser base...then you'll see 2 screws that you loosen (not remove) and the fuser slides out.
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We do offer a replacement film kit with a video. We just ran out of those. We've been waiting on a back order for several weeks.
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