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Lexmark Lexmark Jetprinter 1000

lexmark 1000 color jetprinter power problem

Our Lexmark 1000 Color Jetprinter has a power problem. After accidentally spilling water down the back (paper feed area), it no longer powers on. Prior to the accident you could hear the printer power up when you plugged it in or when you powered up the computer. This no longer happens. I looked to see if there was a fuse I could replace, but, could not find one without unscrewing the back cover. The front cover comes off without unscrewing, but, there is no fuse or anything to be seen. I don't think this problem can be fixed for less that going on EBay and buying a used printer of the same make, but, thought I would give this a try first. Leo.....
Your right about the fuse but the value of the printer is probably not worth the effort.
If you check around you may find a second hand power supply.
The part number for the power supply is
11B5139 - Power Supply: 110V or
11B5140 - Power Supply: 220V / 240v

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I did find several of these printers on ebay, and have my daughter bidding on a third. For a dollar or two, this seems the more productive route to take.
And, again, thanks for you reply, information and confirmation of my direction.
Leo Klohr..........
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