asked Feb 26, 2004 at 11:26pm
Apple Apple StyleWriter II

Canon SX power supply/fuse issues

I picked up three old laser printer, two
Apple Laserwriter II NT's and an HP Laserjet
Series II.

One of the apples worked fine.
One of the apples had two blinking, red lights
and never worked for me.
The HP would print a page and then give a
50 service error message.

From the troubleshooting pages, it looked like
the apple had a bad power supply and the HP
has a bad fusing lamp. I wanted to test this.

I took the fusing lamp from the good printer and
put it into the other two and got the same
error messages. Then I put it back and got the
same error message on the printer that used to

Is there some trick in replacing the fusing lamp
to keep the power supply attached properly?