asked Feb 24, 2004 at 1:51pm
Canon Canon LBP 4

Help with Canon S600

I have a Canon S600 that has just stopped working. Normally, when you lift the cover the print head comes to the center of the printer. This was not happening. I could hear a grinding noise and suspected that maybe? the print head was jammed?. I removed the top cover completely. On the right hand side (when standing in front of printer) of the printer, where the 4-5 plastic gears are located, I can see what appears to be a small black belt (looks like an elastic band). This belt is tangled in the plastic gears. It appears that this small black belt has come loose?? How difficult would it be for a novice tech to fix this myself by reinstalling the loose belt (assuming the loose belt is the problem)? I have good mechanical aptitude and am very familar with PCs. I would think a factory manual that shows how the printer is disassembled would be very handy. Would anyone be able to offer advice on this repair/printer and/or have access to a repair manual for the Canon S600. Thx, Mike
Try the following:
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