asked Feb 19, 2004 at 7:32am
Epson Epson Stylus Color 600

Epson 600 - no black printing

I have read all the posts, have cleaned my printer thoroughly, and still no luck. The color prints fine, and I can force water through the black nipple with a syringe, so I'm guessing the print jets are clear. I've used the printer continually for years, so maybe the print head finally gave out. One day it just stopped printing in black. (I did replace the cartridge!) Otherwise it works fine. I took it apart to clean it, and reassembled, so it is possible I failed to reconnect something. Is there anything I haven't tried? Any ideas about why it would suddenly stop printing like that?
Patrick: If water can pass thru the black printhead assembly, then that would indicate that it is not clogged. If the printhead is not clogged, then there is probably a Hardware Problem/Parts Problem [failing printhead assembly or mainboard]. Unfortunatly, just simply taking the printer apart to clean the printheads can actually damage them, or even get the Factory Settings off...Just so you will know: I never remove a printhead for cleaning, just for replacement. Just the process of FORCING water thru the nozzles can damage the printhead. Even when you use an actual Printhead Cleaning Kit, which contains a syringe and Epson cleaning solution, damage can happen if you try to force fluids thru the nozzles. To much force/pressure can damage the little tubes inside the Nozzle Assembly and then it will never work again. One individual printhead nozzle is so tiny, that it will not accept a human hair. You can see why they can get clogged so easily, or even why the nozzles can be so easily damaged. The correct method is to use the syringe to add the fluid into the nozzle and then leave the fluids set inside the nozzle for a day or two, to try and dissolve a possible bad clog. Sometimes you might have to use the fluids several times to be able to dissolve the clog in the printhead nozzles. Sometimes the clog will never disolve, or it actually damages the nozzles. The longer the clog has been in, the worse it is to remove. Again, if the cleaning fluids don't help, then its generally time to invest in a new printer. In some more expensive printers, you may want to get an estimate to replace the printhead assembly, but as a general rule, its not really economical to do in the smaller Epson Ink Jet style printers. You can generally buy a new small printer cheaper than you can have your old one repaired for...Denny Conway
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Thanks Denny. I thought that was what you would say, but I decided I would check anyway. I hate to throw out an almost working machine, but I agree - it's time to get a new one.
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