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Epson Epson Stylus Color 740


After years of using Adobe with much success, photoshop, my Epson Stylus color 740 printer began printing things in shades of green. I put in a new ink cartridge, made for Epson 740. I shut the computer down three times. It is still printing in
green. What to do??? Pat Sposato
Pat: Unfortunatly, any Non-Epson Ink or Ink Cartridge, is the wrong ink and sooner or later, normally causes problems in an Epson Printer. Check for an e-mail with additional info on that subject...There's of course no way for me to actually know whats wrong with your printer and it's even possble that you may even have an actual HARDWARE PROBLEM [parts problem], a clogged printhead assembly, or even a bad ink cartridge. If you have actually ran a Nozzle Test and some of the nozzles are not open and firing, then I would guess its probably a clogging problem...At this point you can of course either try a new Epson Ink Cartridge, try to clean the printhead assembly, or try a Printhead Cleaning Kit. If you want to see what's involved in print head cleaning, Wes has supplied a link that might help: " http://www.epsonhelp.web1000.com/printhead.html ". You might want to try using the Printhead Cleaning Kit, available through the home page on "fixyourownprinter.com", for around $10.00 plus shipping. It includes a syringe and some Epson Printhead Cleaning Solution, which is designed to dissolve most clogs, especially if you were using Epson inks. You can try it if you want to and see if you can get the printhead nozzles to open up again...Denny Conway
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After years of using Adobe Photoshop with much success, my Epson Stylus Color 740 printer began printing photos in shades of green, although my Mac computer screen representation of the photo was in full color.

I bought a new Epson color ink cartridge and installed it in my printer, as I have many, many times. I still get green and white photos, with a little yellow thrown in. What is wrong??
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Pat: Try running an Internal Epson Self-test page directly from your printer, while not connected to your computer system [Stand Alone Test]. Unhook the printer cable from the back of the printer, with the power cord still plugged in to the wall and paper loaded normally. Turn the printer off for 10 seconds or so, to clear out any remaining DATA or Information that may still have been in the printers system, from when the Computer was previously connected. Now reach over and turn the printer on as normal. The printer should come on and go to a normal Ready Condition, with no Error Lights on. If you get an Error Light on, then you know you have a problem in your printer. If there are no Error Lights on, then you want to run your printers "Internal Epson Self-Test Page", directly from the printer itself. As not all Epson Printers are always the same, you should refer to your User's Manual/Owners Manual for the correct procedure on how to run your printers Self-Test Page. Normally [on most models] you simply reach over and hold-in on the Paper Button, while you reach over and turn the Power Button back on, as normal. Continue to hold in on the paper button for about 3 to 5 seconds, but release the power button after turning your printer on. Release the paper button once you can hear and see the printer starting to initialize and start to pull-in a piece of paper. The printer will print out an Internal Epson Self-Test Copy, which will also have a "Nozzle Test" on it. If everything is working correctly in the printers Paper Feed Assembly and Carriage Assembly/Cartridge Assembly, the self-test copy should be printed out and correctly fed thru the printer...AS A GENERAL RULE: If the self-test page prints out correctly, then usually your printer is working normally. This does not mean your printer may not be dirty, or have another service related problem, or even bad cartridges. It just means the printer is basically working normally as far as the internal tests go. You could run this self-test several times [just be sure], but usually if it works once it will do the same again. If your printer is working ok, then your problem could be in your Computer System/PC: bad drivers, bad printer cable, bad software, incorrect internal PC settings, possible hardware problems [parts problems], etc. I'm sorry, but I don't really work on Computer Systems/PC's, so I can't help you with those type problems. Remember that this is actually a Printer Repair Site and you may need help from a Computer Technician, rather than a Printer Technician...If the self-test does not print out normally, then you can assume the problem is in your printer. Usually that would be a problem in the "Logic Board/Main Board Assembly" and unfortunatly, that is not normally economical to replace. You can usually buy a new printer cheaper, then having your old printer repaired...If you cannot run a Self-Test Page directly from your printer, then the only other thing you could do is connect your printer to a different Computer System [like a friends]. Load Printer Drivers, connect your Printer Cable and try running a few test copies from the second Computer System. If your printer prints out ok, then you can assume that the problem is in your Computer System. If the same problem happens on a different Computer System, then at least you would know that its probably a problem in your printer...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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You may also try print a page this link to see if the printed page is close to what is on the screen. http://www.epsonhelp.web1000.com/color.html if that link does not work try http://www.wesesweb.web1000.com/color.html

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Thanks for all your replies!! I will try them all, starting with the one I can do here. I can report back to this site with my results, if you like.
Thanks again.
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