asked Jun 30, 2001 at 7:11pm
Hp HP LaserJet 4

HP 4+ accordian jam

Hi Everyone,

today I bought a used HP 4M+ printer to give to a friend, it had a self test sheet with it that looked good, no obvious problems, low page count, etc.

Get it home and it does the "accordian jam" on the back edge of the paper when I try to print out test sheets. Okay, I blow it all apart and clean it all up and find nothing wrong with the paper output assembly or anything else in the fuser or gear train.

Put it back together and it now prints fine, no accordian problem.

What happened? and will it continue to work?

thanks in advance for any thoughts anyone might have on this deal, tom....
By cleaning the machine, you have probably cured the problem for a while.
What happens is that the Rubber tires at the back of the machine ( when you open the back door ) get dirty or worn down a bit, thus causing a delay in the paper travel. Sometimes a fine emery cloth ( sandpaper ) and roughing the tires up a bit will also extend the life of the paper exit area.
Good luck.

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The problem will be back. Only real solution is replacing all the rollers in the exit assy. We sell a kit for that on our Printer Repair Kits page.
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Thank you Ray and Moe for your replies. I was under the impression that the exit assembly just quit turning when it failed, but after reading your replies I realize that it is a matter of traction on the paper. Now I can see why it didn't work originally but does work after a simple cleaning.


tom jobe.....
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